Eberspächer Airtronic Air Heating

Why not extend the camping and outdoor season for as long as you want. Wherever you are in the world and whatever the weather, your Eberspächer heater will keep the passenger compartment of you’re VW T5 Camper Conversion cosy & warm.

If you are having fun in the snow or enjoying the first barbecue of the spring, when you get back to your “Camper Van” you can relax in a comfortable temperature – thanks to the optional remote control.

An Eberspächer heater provides all the heat you need to ensure a pleasant sleeping climate in even the coldest of nights.
The Eberspächer airtronic provides a level of performance and comfort that excels over all other heaters in its class!

Eberspächer UK Ltd:

Eberspächer was established in 1977 by J. Eberspächer of Germany to introduce diesel fuelled independent heating systems in the UK. For over seventy years Eberspächer have been developing independent heaters. Their heating systems are used in passenger and commercial vehicles.

NWCC believe as the technology is tough and durable and can also cope with humid climates and the biting cold it is a great addition to add into a VW T5 Camper Conversion.


eberspacher-heater-1Eberspächer Airtronic Air Heating:

An Eberspächer air heater is independent both of the engine and of the vehicles own heat balance. The system draws in cool room or outside air, heats it up and then delivers it into the interior of the VW T5 Camper.

This is an excellent solution for the commercial vehicle. We install this system internally under the drivers’ seat box within the cab of the VW T5 Camper.


airtronic-d2Airtronic D2:

An Airtronic D2 is a compact and economical heater. The D2 has a range of operation modes along with offering optimised fuel efficiency.


Diesel Variant (D):

Voltage V 12
Heating Levels Power High Medium Low
Heating Capacity W 2200 1800 1200 850
Air Throughput m³/h 90 75 52 36
Power Requirements W 34 22 12 8
Fuel Consumption l/hr 0.28 0.23 0.15 0.10
Dimensions (L x W x H) mm 310 x 115 x 122
Weight kg 2.70


Eberspächer Airtronic Air Heating System with Easy Start (801) Control  £1,159
Upgrade: Eberspächer 'EasyStart Remote+' View Detail  £299
Upgrade: Eberspächer 'EasyStart Call' Telephone Remote Control View Detail  £249
Upgrade: Eberspächer 'EasyStart Timer' Additional Timing Control View Detail  £49
CBE Gas Detector (Carbon Monoxide) View Detail  £99
CBE Gas Detector (LPG and Sleeping Gas) View Detail  £76

Here at NWCC all Eberspächer units are housed within the drivers seat base to protect the hardware from the elements and potential theft.

How an Eberspächer Airtronic Air Heater works:

As soon the heater receives its starting pulse after being switched on, the following processes are triggered by the central control unit:

  • Automatic Safety Check.
  • The burner motor starts, the combustion space in pre-ventilated, the glow plug is warmed up, and the metering pump conveys fuel.
  • The glow plug ignites the fuel – air mixture, the flame is formed.
  • The hot combustion gases flow through the heat exchanger.
  • The hot air fan draws in room air / fresh air.
  • The heat of the combustion gases is transferred by the heat exchanger to hot air.


With smooth controllability the airtronic delivers an impressive 2.2kW of hot blown air automatically reducing as the heat rises with slow fan speed for quiet operation and fuel economy. The airtronic can also be operated whilst on the move so you and your passengers are kept warm for the whole journey within the VW T5 Camper.

The Benefits of an Eberspächer AIRTRONIC Air Heater:

  • Smooth, automatic room temperature control with temperature pre-set facility.
  • Fully electronic microprocessor control.
  • Continuous monitoring.
  • Power stage to cut heating times.
  • More comfort through wide control range, quiet night-time operation.
  • Low fuel and power consumption, suitable for longer periods of operation.
  • Fuel supplied from the vehicle’s own tank.
  • Fan function possible for Summer operation.
  • Small and compact design for easy and space-saving installation in the saloon or even under the floor.
  • Diagnostic system.
  • Low noise operation.
  • Low maintenance, easy to service.
  • Can be operated whilst on the move.

The Eberspächer airtronic provides a level of performance and comfort that excels over all other heaters in its class!

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