SCA Elevating Roofs

The addition of an elevating roof can add much needed headroom for cooking and day to day Living/Camping within your vehicle, as well as extra space for sleeping; Transforming the T5 or T6 into a far more practical 4 berth van making the vehicle seem a lot more spacious.

SCA “Deluxe” Elevating Roofs:

The SCA elevating roof can be fitted to the VW T5 or T6 Short Wheel Base (SWB) and Long Wheel Base (LWB) vehicle. Be assured SCA are of exceptional build quality, and come complete with the roof bed and reinforcing system. This is a highly recommended Roof due to its high quality, reliability and excellent finish.




The SCA elevating roofs are available with either front or rear elevation. When they are closed, they only add a small fraction of height to the vehicle. (Roof Depth 100mm) This means that the overall height of the vehicle remains below two meters. Floor level to the highest elevating point of the roof when open is 2450mm.

SCA VW T5 Elevating Roofs
SCA VW T5 & T6 Elevating Roofs

The SCA roof includes the following features:

  • GRP roof shell 4mm thick with 4mm insulation
  • Aerodynamic shape through the integral front spoiler
  • Fire resistant tent fabric
  • Semi circular tent windows with dual zippers and fly screens/midge screens
  • Powder coated Aluminium lazy tong arms and gas operated springs
  • Roof bed with GRP frame
  • Reinforcing frame to strengthen the roof area.
  • Bunk size 200 x 120cm (SWB)
  • Roof locks down with rotary tumbler locks (or traditional strap system available)
  • High quality aluminium sliding panel to cover access opening
  • Tent material includes edge strip all the way around to facilitate replacement in event of damage
  • Folding mechanism with sewn in plastic bars that automatically pull the tent fabric inwards to avoid pinching.

Manufacturer approval certificates and all of the required part approval certificates from the Technical Inspection Association (TÜV) have been obtained for all SCA roof models.

Note: All SCA Elevating Roofs should be elevated & closed when the rear Tailgate door is shut – Please DO NOT Open or Close your Elevating Roof when your Tailgate door is open as this can cause damage to the elevating roof especially when the vehicle is fitted with a genuine VW bike rack.

Roof Size: Price
SCA '194' Elevating Roof (SWB) & Roof Bed. View Detail £4,499
SCA '192' Elevating Roof (LWB) & Roof Bed. View Detail £4,599
Colour Code Options: Price
SCA '194' Elevating Roof Colour Code. £899
SCA '192' Elevating Roof Colour Code. £949
SCA '194' & '192' Roof Pod Colour Code.
Required only if the Base Vehicle IS VW Candy White.
SCA Elevating Roof Gas Strut Colour Code. View Detail £199
Additions: Price
Slimline Elevating Roof 150W Solar Panel Package. View Detail £525
SCA Panoramic Canvas Upgrade. View Detail £249
SCA Elevating Roof Bed Mattress. View Detail £200

Here at NWCC we order all of our SCA roofs & roof pods into the UK in a white gel coat; On request they are painted in our own body shop to guarantee a perfect finish and a long lasting shine to coincide with the base vehicle colour.

We have found in recent deliveries that sadly the SCA roof pods arrive in house with imperfections within the gel coat. This isn’t an issue when colour coding to suit a non Candy White base vehicle, however we strongly suggest even when your base vehicle is VW Candy White you additionally request a colour code to the SCA pod; This will guarantee a perfect finish.

Visit our gallery to view our VW Transporter Elevating Roof Conversions.

Note: Installation of an Elevating Roof is only completed as apart of a full conversion with us here at NWCC, This is not a service that we offer separately.

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