Mr P’s Verso conversion

Mr P’s Verso conversion

50 shades of Grey

Mr P wanted to keep this interior subtle, timeless and classy with a look that he will never get tired of when opening that slide door.

Grey floor, Grey Corian, Grey doors, Grey leather but still one of my personal favourites of the year combined with its not so grey Bayleaf Green exterior paintwork I feel this is the right mix of just enough…… This SWB 4MOTION T6.1 delivered straight to us from factory, ready for its Verso interior arrived just in time for NWCC to get this vehicle ready and signed out for Christmas. Packed with our usually market leading products from Reimo, Thule, Voltronic, Dometic, VW and so many more we write about daily on our website or social media platforms trying to educate the potential customer on why one conversion can be very different to another.

We have a work schedule leading us deep into 2023 and every vehicle is a new T6.1 which will be housing our Verso conversion. Since launching the cleverly versatile interior we have been completely overwhelmed on how people have reacted to this conversion allowing us to inject 100 percent of our time and development skills into this one style conversion making it a market leading favourite in a very competitive industry.

We hope you enjoy these short right up’s and amazing images displayed of our interiors, hopefully providing you a great insight to our products and company.