A Stunning Transformation: The Full Verso Package for Mr. L’s Van

A Stunning Transformation: The Full Verso Package for Mr. L’s Van

Introduction: At NWCC, we recently had the pleasure of working on our first used van in a long time. This van is an absolute beauty, boasting a remarkable factory spec with 4Motion factory options and a DSG gearbox. Its external appearance is enhanced by the rare and immaculate blackberry paint. Let’s dive into the exciting upgrades we made for Mr. L’s van.

Interior Upgrades: For the full Verso package, we collaborated with market-leading brands to create a truly exceptional interior. The highlight is the amazing RECARO CS seats, featuring a low booster option for easy access. Our skilled team fully reupholstered the RECARO seats using the finest Nappa Leather and OEM Alcantara. The unique pattern design, highlighted by a Grey and Blackberry top stitch, beautifully complements the door card plastics and brings the stunning metallic exterior colour indoors.

Sleep and Seating Options:To provide maximum comfort and versatility, we added the popular Reimo VTEC open sky, allowing for sleep capabilities for two and ample standing space during the day. The Volkswagen California seat, a must-have in the Verso, offers amazing flexibility for both rear passengers and cargo space.

Reliable Electrical Equipment: At NWCC, we only work with super reliable Voltronic German electrical equipment. This includes drive charge, solar charge, and 230v charge capabilities, ensuring that all your on and off-grid trips are well-covered.

Stylish Furniture and Worktops: Mr. L opted for the Egger Robinia HPL finish for all the furniture, providing a modern grain appearance with a subtle touch of purple in the grain. This design choice seamlessly brings the outside bodywork into the interior. The worktops were finished using our usual high-quality solid work surfaces from Staron.

External Additions: As Mr. L had already taken care of spoilers, alloys, and suspension options, we focused on complementing his choices. We added a black Thule Ominstor awning with custom-made brackets to work perfectly with the Reimo multi rail. This allows for the option of a Thule canopy or an airbeam awning, giving you the best of both worlds.

All-Year-Round Upgrades: To ensure year-round comfort, we implemented some neat upgrades. The Webasto diesel heating system, complete with a 7-day timer, guarantees a cozy interior regardless of the weather. Additionally, 160 watts of solar power keep your van charged during those sunny days, perfect for off-grid stops.

Customer Satisfaction: Working with Mr. L was an absolute pleasure for our team at NWCC. We are honoured that he chose us as his go-to company, making the 4-hour trip to work with us. We already knew Mr. L and his impressive collection of supercars and classic campers, and we hope this masterpiece will proudly join his prized vehicles.

Conclusion:On behalf of the entire NWCC team, we extend our heartfelt thanks to Mr. L for entrusting us with his van transformation. We take pride in delivering exceptional results, and we hope this build exceeds his expectations. Thank you for joining us on this journey!