The Adrian’s VWT6 Kombi Upgrades

The Adrian’s VWT6 Kombi Upgrades

It is always a complete honour when our cliental is willing to travel that extra mile, with NWCC’s latest clients travelling all the way from their home in Dundee, Scotland. Purchasing a brand new VWT6 Highline Kombi for family use; The Adrian’s wanted a little bit of luxury within their every day vehicle.

Studying the NWCC website over a period of time, the family certainly new the requirements they wanted from a build with us here at NWCC. Opting for our full bespoke VW Transporter lining conversion as insulating and lining your vehicle will not only keep the cold out but also keep the heat in perfect for the vehicles main location.

Internally for rear passenger entrainment, Alpine’s PKG-RSE3HDMI rear seat entertainment system is the solve-everything hub for long journeys. This overhead monitor/DVD player combo gives you plenty of media options besides DVD playback. Using the dual HDMI inputs, you can play HD video from any HDMI-enabled device like a smartphone or tablet. Alpine also includes two USB inputs (one for media playback and one for charging) and one composit video input to keep your options open. Now, everyone in the back seat will have a prime seat to enjoy movies, TV, and web content on the PKG-RSE3HDMI’s crisp 10.1″ flip-down monitor, thanks to stunning picture clarity and high brightness for better daylight viewing. You can give the kids full independence with Alpine’s full-function wireless remote, or if you’d like a little more parental control, keep the remote handy to get their attention if you need to.

The Adrain’s were some of the first clients to opt to incorporate & use the new services available here at NWCC. We now offer a comprehensive custom Design Service, providing the ideal solution to promote your brand or personalise your vehicle. The Adrian’s opted in to our logo design service where we discussed their unique project, devising ideas to tailor the look to suit their requirements. Confirming on the Kombi-Edition logo this was used to de-boss into their upholstery upgrade where the area around the chosen logo is pressed so that the image is sunken into the surface of the leather.

Another area which the Adrain’s opted to customise was within their front cab; The Adrain’s have Upgraded their steering wheel & gear gaiter to suit their interior upholstery choice and colour theme. With a cotton stitch upgrade completed within the steering wheel & gear gaiter as well as custom colour coding of the external vehicle colour to the gear gaiter surround and steering wheel inserts.

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