The Johnson’s VWT6 Beach Conversion.

The Johnson’s VWT6 Beach Conversion.

With a substantial army career under his belt, and the majority of his time based away from his home in the UK; It was time to pursue a life long dream and invest in something to return home to this year. Having owned VW motorhomes in the past, the list of certainties was lengthily, this client knew exactly what he wanted and what he didn’t.

Having ordered the exact specification of base vehicle required in the summer of 2016, there was a little wait until an opening in the NWCC diary to ensure his converted VWT6 was the best christmas present he would be receiving. Opting for NWCC’s Beach Conversion, ensured that the Johnson’s had all that they required for the camping lifestyle they want to lead. Not always is the addition of an elevating roof preferable, here is a perfect example of an interior with a genuine Alcantara headlining throughout, also incorporating a sun roof.

Opting for the ‘Cherry Red’ exterior colouring the colour was to be incorporated throughout the interior finish; Firstly within the VWT6 steering wheel inserts & gear gaiter surround, then to follow throughout the vehicle within the upholstery upgrade.

As with all builds in house at NWCC, product development is essential to ensure that the end user has maximum client satisfaction overall. Throughout each year we see new products becoming available within the industry and slowly but surely they work a way into our client builds, it takes a little time on occasion to redesign our layouts to incorporate these products but in the end its worth it. This build now incorporates as standard the brand new Dometic 9722 compact hob & sink.

As christmas 2016 approaches, the owner of this brand new converted VWT6 is one happy customer!