The Marshall’s VW T6 Traditional ‘Lux’ Camper Conversion

The Marshall’s VW T6 Traditional ‘Lux’ Camper Conversion

With an extremely demanding schedule over the last few weeks in house at NWCC the Marshall’s build was a joy to complete as a perfect representation of our Traditional Lux conversion with practical extras and no frills.

The stunning external colouring of this VW T6 in Starlight blue metallic assisted with the decision to maintain the original OEM Simora upholstery internally as the colouring contrasted well. Working to ensure that all materials used within the vehicle enhanced each aspect of the build the varied grey and black tones complete the interior perfectly.

The specification of the Traditional Lux conversion is one chosen monthly at NWCC, each build varies however with the final specification dictated by each individual clients personal needs. There are elements of our builds which we recommend to every client as standard upgrades, the reason these aren’t included within the specification as standard are because they aren’t necessarily needed, however they aesthetically and practically enhance the camping experience if you are able to accomodate these options within your budget.

The Marshall’s listened to our advise and having themselves been involved within the leisure industry for a period of time, they knew what would benefit their lifestyle and overall requirements. The addition of the SCA elevating roof adding much needed headroom for cooking and day to day Living/Camping as well as extra space for sleeping. An increasingly popular addition to NWCC client builds is the slimline 150w solar panel. Solar powered battery charging enables the use of lighting, refrigeration, laptops and entertainment equipment miles away from the nearest mains connection, For many motorhome owners, true freedom is not being ‘tied’ to a power cable and this ensures that the Marshall’s will never be left short of power.

This is a simplistic build with a few practical upgrades; A Eberspächer airtronic air heating system to enable all year round use of the vehicle keeping the Marshall’s cosy and warm. A Westfalia swan neck removable tow bar for the occasion when the Marshall’s want to take a trailer or adding a bike rack. Externally the vehicle has been altered with the addition of genuine VW T6 angled stainless steel side bars and Eibach 30mm lowering springs, this is all to aid in the vehicle looking and feeling less ‘VAN’.