The Schuller build

The Schuller build

The pressure was really on for this one with Danny a UK importer and registered installer for the German kitchen master Schuller contacting us back in December 2017, Danny had carried out some extensive research on what manufacturers he wanted to use to create his vehicle.

We were slightly honoured to say the least that Danny and choose team NWCC as we know the levels of craftsmanship Schuller work do.

Probably our most popular interior the Traditional LUX housing a long list of serious hardware from global giants such as, Dometic, Reimo VTEC, RIB, Staron, Sargent, UKHide, Webasto etc etc.

Danny spent a Friday afternoon with Mike at NWCC where details were discussed in great depth with every area and option covered, Danny had a huge a list of requirements with a endless list of internal and external upgrades making this Factory Acolopco Blue Highline Kombi perform and look amazing but still keeping It’s OEM appearance without all the unnecessary bling.

This interior is very masculine with its Pasadena Pine furniture and Silver-cloud worktops but I have to admit this is one of my all time favourite vans again sporting a huge list of serious hardware.

NWCC worked with Danny to create his long time dream and we were privileged to be part of this.