Design Services

Are you looking to customise your Volkswagen Conversion?


We offer a comprehensive custom design service, providing the ideal solution to promote your brand or personalise your vehicle. Choose from a variety of services such as logo designs, complete vehicle wraps, de-bossing and promotional material. A bespoke finish will provide a stylish addition and our in house team will discuss your unique project, devising ideas to tailor the look to suit your requirements.


Customise your interior further with a unique custom De-Bossing; The opposite of Em-Bossing the area around the image is pressed so that the image is sunken into the surface of the material rather than raised. De-Bossing into leather can be a practical method of marking or labelling your property to advertise a business, a favourite character, or theme.

De-Bossing Prices

Options Price
Custom De-Bossing: Aluminium De-Bossing Tool (Just Send Us A Design) £110
Each De-Bossing £12



Our highly skilled designer has many years of experience working within the graphic/design industry and thrives on creating bespoke graphics to suit a variety of requirments. Using the latest design technology and working in numerous different formats we can guarantee that your design will be exciting, unique, and set you aside from other road users, be it to keep your company ahead of the competition or allow you to stand out from the crowd as a VW owner.


Exterior Vehicle Wraps/Graphics

Options Price
Vehicle Wrap. Variable
Graphic Installation. Variable


To ensure the that the end result is suited to your exact requirements, in-depth communication between us is essential. Your requirements will be project managed in house to ensure that the service provided and materials used will be cost effective. All requirements will be initially discussed and once a proposed plan is agreed you will be presented with a visual and confirmation on costs before the manufacturing process begins.



“If you are looking for the ultimate luxury vehicle with adventure, Look no further than NewWave; Our in house specialists are here to advise you on what will best suit your individual needs and lifestyle.”

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