Steering Wheel Upgrades

VW Steering Wheel Options to enhance your VW T5 or T6

The steering wheel is the link between you and your car so why compromise? Many believe that their vehicle is an extension of themselves often purchasing a vehicle to reflect their style. The most prominent seen both internally and externally as well as the most frequently used element of a vehicle is the steering wheel; Many people choose to exchange their factory installed steering wheel with one based on their needs and personal taste. Upgrade the steering wheel to suit either your driving style, interior upholstery choice or colour theme.

Team NWCC don’t only offer steering wheel upgrades, we also have the versatility and skill to customise it’s contrasting stitch, colour combination and the electronics and functionality of the wheel. Delivering not only multi-function controls but the ability to house the F1 paddle shift when fitted on the DSG model vehicles.

Please email your enquiry reference to the specifications and pricing structures as every vehicles’ capabilities are different. CONTACT US.

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