Swivel Bases

The addition of 1st row driver & passenger swivel bases proves beneficial every time, completing a versatile seating arrangement. Enabling the front cab space to be utilised as apart of the rear conversion; for Relaxing or Dining.

Here at NWCC we have tried and tested swivel plates from all over Europe and we feel the German manufactured swivels can not be beaten on build quality. With its Practicality, Sturdiness, durable powder coated finish, and most importantly Safety; Recognised with its TUV approval and crash tested certificates throughout Europe. The swivel allows for all OEM and after market wiring looms to pass safely up through the centre of the seat base. These units are fully serviceable in the event of any squeaks or creaks occurring.

VW T5 & T6 Reimo German Swivel Bases:

Height adjusted by approximately (2.7cm).

Driver & Passenger TUV Swivels.

  • Compatible with Heated Seats, Airbags, Seat Sensors, Etc…

£289 (Each) Supplied & Fitted Inclusive of VAT.

  • To coincide with the installation of a Drivers seat TUV Swivel the seat base will need modifying to allow the swivel plate to clear the handbrake housing. This will be modified and re-powder coated.

£99 Inclusive of VAT.

Double Swivel Bases:

The T5 Double Swivel is fantastic for those whom require the benefit of accommodating two passengers up front.

  • Full TUV Safety Approval.
  • Self-levelling design to counteract the sloping cab floor.
  • High density, low friction ‘glide layer’ for ease of rotation.
  • External locking screws with solid floor plate & carpet so you can keep all that useful under-seat storage.

£349 Supplied & Fitted Inclusive of VAT.

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