Webasto VW T5/6 Air Top 2000 STC Heater

Why not extend the camping and outdoor season for as long as you want. Wherever you are in the world and whatever the weather, your Webasto heater will keep the passenger compartment of you’re VW T6 Camper Conversion cosy & warm.

A Webasto heater provides all the heat you need to ensure a pleasant sleeping climate on even the coldest of nights. The Webasto Air Top 2000 STC RV provides a level of performance and comfort that excels over all other heaters in its class!

Webasto is a global innovative systems partner to almost all automotive manufacturers and has been family-owned since its foundation in 1901. They develop and produce roof and convertible roof systems, heating and cooling systems as well as charging solutions and battery systems for electromobility. Webasto is among the top 100 suppliers in the automotive industry.

NWCC believe as the technology is tough and durable and can also cope with humid climates and the biting cold it is a great addition to add into a VW T6 Camper Conversion.

Air Top 2000 STC RV Air Heating:

The compact construction of the Air Top 2000 STC means that it can be installed either inside or outside the vehicle. This heater heats the air in the interior or cargo space quickly and quietly and keeps it constant at the chosen working temperature. Users can choose between recirculation and fresh-air modes. The heater is easy to service and repair. Design and low fuel consumption make the Air Top 2000 STC economical to maintain.  At NWCC, we normally install this system internally under the drivers’ seat box within the cab of the VW T6 Camper.

Advantages of a Webasto Air Heater:

  • 2 kW heating capacity
  • Heats up quickly, more even and quiet heating procedure by use of fuel pump DP 42
  • Sturdy heater with compact dimensions and low fuel consumption
  • Easy to service and maintain, diagnostic capability
  • Suitable for use in vehicles for transporting hazardous materials (ADR)
  • Full W-bus compatibility of the heater
  • Continuous operation with the new SmartControl and MultiControl HD control elements
  • Use of Unibox no longer necessary

The simple and cost-effective solution. The compact Air Top 2000 STC air heater is an impressive performer thanks to its versatility and low fuel consumption.

The VW T5/T6 latest heater kits are now supplied with the new Air Top 2000 STC RV.
The new heater has some new features and installation parts included, with the key ones being:

  • Combustion air silencer – This reduces noise levels further.
  • Digital interface – allows for plug N play of the new controls
  • New fuel pump – quieter in operation.
  • Zero idle feature (if you use remote temp sensor)
  • Altitude function – Standard Feature with Multi Control
  • Heater on indicator output (if required by type approvals)


Petrol Diesel
Voltage V 12 12/24
Heating capacity, control range kW 1.0-2.0 0.9-2.0
Heating air volume flow against 0.5 mbar, control range m³/h 93 93
Rated power consumption, control range W 14-29 14-29
Fuel consumption, control range l/hr 0.14 – 0.27 0.12 – 0.24
Dimensions (L x W x H) mm 311 x 120 x 121
Weight kg 2.6

Smart Control

  • Heater on/off.
  • Adjustable run countdown time from 2 hrs.
  • Permanent running.
  • Ventilation function.
  • Day/Night setting


Multi Control

This unit has many new features with the primary functions being:

  • Heater on/off.
  • Adjustable run countdown time from 2 hrs.
  • Permanent running.
  • Ventilation function.
  • 3 event 7-day timer – giving the possibility to activate the heater 3 separate and different
  • on & off times for each day over 1 week.
  • Customisation of the screen functions.
  • Surface Mount.
  • Temperature adjustment
  • Temperature display (at the controller not the heater).
  • Altitude Function

Thermocall TC4 Advanced

With the ThermoCall TC4 you can switch your parking heater on and off no matter
how far away you are. ThermoCall TC4 is operated by SMS, a call from a landline/
mobile network or with the ThermoCall app. Essentially, any mobile and landline
telephone can be used as the operating unit.

This system also gives some very nice extra functions which include:

  • Timer operation – Pre programme time.
  • Heating or Ventilation – manual or automatic selection.
  • Vehicle theft alert – An alert to your phone is made.
  • Ability to switch another device as well as the heater.
  • Temperature monitoring and alerts
  • Plug N Play wiring


Package 1: Air Top 2000STC RV VW T5/6 Htr kit c/w Smart controller   £1,599
Package 2: Air Top 2000STC RV VW T5/6 Htr kit c/w Multi controller  £1,650
Package 3: Air Top 2000STC RV VW T5/6 Htr kit c/w TC4 Thermocall Advanced Upgrade  £1,999
CBE Gas Detector (Carbon Monoxide) View Detail  £99
CBE Gas Detector (LPG and Sleeping Gas) View Detail  £76

Here at NWCC all Webasto units are housed within the drivers seat base to protect the hardware from the elements and potential theft.

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