Terms & Conditions

Conversion Terms & Conditions.

  • Ahead of your conversion scheduled in house at NWCC, please ensure that your vehicle is delivered with as little fuel as possible within the tank; This is especially required if you have specified installation of a Webasto or you are having Kombi or Caravelle seating removed or installed. For Health & safety reasons, Due to the fact that the fuel tank has to be totally removed from the vehicle chassis, the weight cant exceed the reckoned guidelines. If the vehicles tank is to heavy as a consequence of high fuel levels, unfortunately the tank will have to be drained to achieve a manageable removal weight.
  • All vehicles must arrive in house internally and externally clean for any scheduled conversions works; This will allows us to achieve the finish we aim to complete, Having a clean base vehicle is essential. If for any reason your vehicle does not arrive in house clean, you will in-cure NWCC’s hourly workshop rate of £40.00 plus VAT per hour to rectify.
  • Please ensure that your vehicle arrives in house with any previous interior works removed; IE. Factory Ply Lining – The minimum that we will accept is factory interior fibre board paneling. Should your vehicle have any imperfections due to previous interior works IE. Screw Holes, these can be rectified with a specialist whom we contract in to complete the repairs.
  • Ensure that you’re locking wheel nut & Radio code is given to the NWCC team ahead of any scheduled Alloy wheel or Audio upgrades.
  • All customer belongings must be removed from the vehicle prior to your arrival at NWCC,
    The only Items required by us, Which is to be left in the vehicle are Jack and brace kit & Locking wheel nut. Please remove all floor mats, Service records,Emergency Kit, Child Safety seats air fresheners, CD’s etc…. We will not be held responsible for the safe keeping of any personal items.
  • Rest assured that whilst your vehicle is in house undergoing its conversion, the vehicle is fully covered on site as apart of NWCC’s (MTP) Motor Trade Policy.

Build Specific – Payment Terms.

  • A £500 Initial Deposit payment is required when booking onto our schedule here at NWCC; This being due to the fact that we have to order in materials weeks in advance of a clients arrival. NWCC has unfortunately been caught out in the past ordering in materials ie. Elevating Roofs / RIB Seating, and our client has had to cancel due to their financial circumstances leaving us with unwanted stock. Should you need to postpone your conversion start date due to your vehicle delivery from Germany being delayed, you will not loose the deposit payment.
  • A 50% Deposit of the total build specification is required 10 working days prior to any conversion works commencing on a clients vehicle taking into account the £500 deposit payment already received. This is to allow the ordering of all components needed ahead of a scheduled build, to ensure all products are on the shop floor ahead of any vehicles arriving with us. (Please note that no works will commence on your vehicle until the Inital 50% payment is received), There will be a £100 per week Storage charge on all vehicles on site until the 50% payment is received in full.
  • A 25% Deposit of the remaining balance is required whilst the conversion is approx. 75% complete, this is to cover all costs up until this point; Proof of work will be granted either by consultation or Photographs.
  • The Final 25% outstanding balance is to be paid on completion; Clients are more than welcome to see their vehicle fully converted before making their final 25% payment, be this via personal inspection or Photographs. However all remaining funds have to be cleared with NWCC before we allow any converted vehicles to leave our premises.


Various payment methods are excepted; Either via an Online Balance Transfer, (BACS) Or via the Card Payment facilities in house. Please Note that we no longer accept payment via a Credit Card transaction taken via in house facilities.

Let the NWCC specialist team work with you and make your dream a fully functional and practical reality. How NWCC Work is prior to any consultation being held at the workshop all our clients have to be booked on to our yearly build schedule,We do not hold any consultations without clients being booked onto our build schedule.

To be placed on our build schedule we ask for a £500 deposit to allocate a build date to you, the deposit is fully refundable up until the end of the consultation, at any point during the consultation or factory tour you decide not to proceed we will refund your deposit and allocate the build date to another client, the reason our procedures are set this way to allow myself to work along the NWCC staff to help develop our products and guarantee build quality,
We do not employee sales staff as I personally devote myself to my customers and the requirements they demand from us.
All our prices are listed on our website as we operate a fully transparent pricing structure, please contact us if there are any prices you can not find and we will be more than happy to quote.

One month prior to your build date we will book an allocated consultation slot with us to enable us to devote our time to you offering a full factory tour where you can meet the team, and have an in-depth insight into how we operate and manage our builds viewing the whole process from the initial design stages to viewing the finished product on site. Any designs, drawings, spec sheets or even rough sketches are welcome the more information you provide us the more we can brain storm and come up with ideas and a 3D Model of your dream interior.The options list is endless and anything is possible but please the more information you provide our team the closer we get to perfecting every single element of you’re one off custom interior. We will provide as much direction and information possible;, we do advice a lengthy sit down with us to gather as much information as possible from the hardware details to the prices etc… Also discussing dates & samples to guarantee a complete personal touch to your unique conversion.

Here at NWCC we have invested massively into upgrading our capabilities in design and manufacturing. NWCC now runs its onsite CNC and design facilities daily, we now feel we can offer our future potential clients a one stop shop for a complete custom layout, design or function, weather it be for extreme sports or family weekends away we can cater for your dream designs.

“Let the EXCITING JOURNEY begin with NWCC at your side Before, During & After you’re unique build.”

Areas of expertise consist of, Mechanical, Fibreglass, Audio, Visual, Upholstery, Woodwork/Joinery, CNC Machining, Sheet-Metal lazer cutting & bending, under chassis components, Suspension, Electrical, Internal & External Accessories, Solar Energy supplies, 3D design.

Do What You Love, Love What You Do, Deliver More Than You Promise.