In-House Upholstery Shop

In-House Upholstery Shop

Here at NWCC our main aim is to develop the most unique VW interiors for our clients starting from a draft ending on complete project realisation. Running our own in house trim-shop is something that Mike has always been very passionate about; In our designs we always want to show the individual character of the VW owner and their vehicle, far beyond the offer of the manufacturers.

Although vehicle manufacturers offer many possibilities of interior configuration, sometimes it’s just not enough. Many vehicle owners seek other solutions to give their vehicles a unique style which won’t be found elsewhere.

At NWCC we run a number of sewing, skiving & twin needle machines combined with Lee our trim shop manager who is always developing & pushing his skills to the limit.

Each order is treated individually and with great care, making sure we meet all clients’ expectations. Only the best companies on the market offer special custom finishes of upholstery for the most demanding clients. For example BMW, MERCEDES, also BENTLEY and JAGUAR. We feel that we can offer a complete in house service which has no limits.

Fortunately it is possible to transform every interior and give it the one of a kind look; We are devoted to supplying our clients with that unique interior, suiting any personality or style as well as varied budgets. We have worked hard building relationships with suppliers all over Europe and can source materials from nearly every car manufacture, be it Porsche, Audi, VW, etc .. If you see something you like anywhere please give NWCC the opportunity to source this material for you and combine it with our skill sets providing you with that one off personal interior for you and your family.

Additional Images are shown within the Custom Seating Options Gallery.

Leather Upholstery Options

NWCC specialises only in high class upholstery and we surpass our competition offering over 500 different colours of leather; This giving you endless possibilities of finishes. The final costs are dependant on the final upholstery configuration that you choose.

VW California

VW Caravelle Lux

VW Kombi

VW Transporter

Having your upholstery completed at NWCC, you can be certain to receive a product made of 100% high quality automotive leather. It’s worth remembering that our range of basic leathers exceeds by far the quality of leathers offered by a vehicle manufacturer.

We always use 100% natural leather. As a great example we can compare our offer to the most luxurious brands who like to pamper their VIP clients with the most sophisticated colours and colour configurations. The variety of choices within the AutoCalf & AutoLux ranges gives us a great opportunity to direct our offer not only to the owners of standard class vehicles but also to those who own super luxury vehicles and want to make them look special and have the one of a kind look and style.

For a premium above the AutoCalf & AutoLux ranges we have avalible the Nappa; This is a Full-grain leather range renowned for its durability &amp softness. Demonstrated throughout the high end automotive industry within cars such as Aston Martin, Ferrari, Lamborghini etc .. Aesthetically the leather looks smooth because it retains the original surface of the hide throughout the production process. Successfully having built very good relationships with our suppliers, they ensure the highest quality leather hides from your standard leather to the smoothest Nappa.

Another option is incorporating Alcantara® as apart of your upholstery style; This is a unique material with a suede like feel, it is robust enough for seating, headliners and so on. Alcantara® is the material of choice for many leading car manufacturers including BMW, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Porsche and Audi. Fade resistant and washable Alcantara® is easily able to withstand the rigours of automotive interiors.

Leather Upholstery Samples

Autocalf Range
Autocalf Range
Autocalf Range

OEM VW Transporter Fabrics

For those looking for an OEM Fabric, All Fabrics are first grade VW fabrics backed with scrim foam.

(T5): INKA
(T5): Place
(T5): Tassamo
(T5): Cheyenne
(T5): Timo
(T6): Austin
(T6): Anthracite/Black Fabric
(T5): Anthracite Fabric
Anthracite Vinyl (T5)
Anthracite Vinyl
Art Grey Fabric
(T5): Art Grey Fabric
Light Grey Vinyl (T5)
Light Grey Vinyl

OEM Fabrics

WESTFALIA (T2) Green/Yellow
WESTFALIA (T2): Brown/Beige
Golf 7 GTD: Black/Grey
Golf 7 GTI: Black/Grey/Red
Golf 7 GTE: Black/Grey/Blue

Leather Upholstery Prices

Costs are dependant on the final upholstery configuration that you choose.

Upholstery upgrades within the VW T5, T6, Caddy & Crafter as standard are completed in a AutoCalf Leather. There is an additional surcharge to upholster using an AutoLux Leather or Nappa Leather, The cost is dependant on each specific hide.

We can apply all kinds of trimmings, double or single stitching and many other sewing techniques to improve the final appearance that will make your seats appear more aggressive, luxurious or sporty. The final cost is dependant on your chosen stitch style.

Stitch Work – Options:

  • Georgian Single or Double Stitch.
  • Bentley Diamond Single or Double Stitch.
  • Wide Fluting Single or Double Stitch.
  • Washboard Close Stitch Single Stitch.
  • Tyre Tread Stitch.
  • 20mm Flipped Squared Detailing.


Customise your interior further with a unique custom De-Bossing; The opposite of embossing the area around the image is pressed so that the image is sunken into the surface of the material rather than raised. De-Bossing into leather can be a practical method of marking or labelling your property to advertise a business, a favourite character, or theme.

By cooperating with the biggest leather suppliers in Europe we can guarantee full colour leather availability now as well as in a few years time. Our upholstery service also deals with damaged upholstery, should you need to replace a damaged part i.e. seat rest, arm rest, replace a steering wheel trim or any other part in the same style as the original.

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