Base Vehicles

Base Vehicles

Here at NWCC we convert both the VW T5 & T6 Transporter, Short Wheel Base (SWB) and Long Wheel Base (LWB) as well as the VW Caddy, VW Caddy – Maxi and VW Crafter.

It is up to you as a customer to purchase which vehicle specification will best suit your lifestyle and requirements;
If you require advise on which base vehicle is best suitable please don’t hesitate to ask for assistance, we are more than happy to help.

The NWCC team do however have a direct link with Volkswagen to aid those finding it difficult to purchase the perfect base vehicle. Having vehicles in stock from 2012+ starting with the standard ‘Commercial – Startline‘ spec progressing to either a ‘Trendline‘ or ‘Highline‘. Purchasing a vehicle via VW Direct could be the perfect solution, as each vehicle has full dealership service history and a PDI is completed prior to delivery.

The team at NWCC convert approx 90% (SWB) vehicles as opposed to 10% (LWB).
This is as the (SWB) is a far more functional and practical vehicle for everyday use. E.G Parking, Reversing, Multi Storey Car Parks etc…

Which ‘Transporter’ Base Vehicle

As it is far easier to start a conversion from scratch rather than have to take out existing elements we recommend you purchase a Panel Van.

Purchasing a Kombi also has its benefits if financially affordable; We feel this is a far superior base vehicle for a conversion compared to the panel van.

With the Kombi you already have 2 genuine VW Sliding windows; As our Traditional specifications include windows – These can then be discounted out of the cost of the conversion.

The Kombi vehicle has more sound deadening compared to the panel van as well as additional child lock on the sliding door. You also have rear seating which can be used prior to the scheduled conversion.

The Kombi seating can be bought back as a part-ex against the conversion; We purchase the Double & single configuration for £650.00 or the one piece triple bench for £400.00 depending on the condition. This includes Seating, Seatbelts, Rubber load mat, Floor pods Etc…

If you opt against the Kombi interior buyback however require the NWCC team to remove the kombi interior floor pods / under chassis brackets etc …. there will be a surcharge of £250.00 payable.

When looking to purchase a vehicle we recommend that you look for one that has air conditioning, electric windows & electric mirrors etc…



While the ‘Startline‘ includes the standard features found in all models, the ‘Trendline‘ enhances this with a host of stylish and practical upgrades. If you want more, the ‘Highline‘ delivers a level of specification rarely found in a commercial vehicle.

Startline / Trendline / Highline – Confused?

The Trendline equipment builds upon the strengths of the Startline by offering a wide range of stylish, practical and technological items. By selecting the most popular options available and combining them into one handy pack, the Trendline offers amazing value when compared to ordering each item individually.

For only a small premium over-and-above the cost of a Startline – especially when you consider what it includes and the significant savings you make, the luxurious Highline adds to the Trendline’s already impressive specification and offers the perfect balance of comfort and style in a hard-working vehicle.

If opting for an alloy wheel upgrade as apart of your conversion specification, the original VW 16″ or 17″ Trendline / Highline alloy wheels can be bought back as a part-ex against your upgrade. We offer £450.00 for the 16″ and £550.00 for the 17″ (Delivery Mileage Only) Pricing can vary depending on the additional mileage covered.

VW Specifications Explained Here.

Engine Recommendations

Brand New T6

  • 2L TDI 102BHPT30 Or T32
    This is the most fuel efficient vehicle within the currently available T6 Range.
  • 2L TDI 150BHPT30 Or T32
    Excellent for towing – more power for when the vehicle is fully load with passengers and luggage.
  • 2L TDI 204BHPT30 Or T32
    The most powerful of the EU6 Engine range – However does deliver the lowest MPG figures – Excellent for towing.

You can enjoy lower fuel consumption & still get better perforce with an ECU Upgrade; With all engines initially starting at the same spec, just being de-tuned for VW pricing structures. (Except for the 204 – Twin Turbo).

Face Lift Year (2010 Plus) which is known as the T5.1 (GP)

  • 2L TDI 102BHPT30 Or T32
    This is the most fuel efficient vehicle within the T5.1 Range.
  • 2L TDI 140BHPT30 Or T32
    Excellent for towing – more power for when the vehicle is fully load with passengers and luggage.

Additional Info

Tailgate or Barn Doors?

  • We recommend a Tailgate as this provides shelter when the rear door is open and gives the appearance of a clean more Sportline look. As well as being beneficial for re-sale purposes as these vehicles are much more sought after than a vehicle with Barn doors.


NewWave’s Personal Preference

When ordering a Transporter base vehicle for conversion purposes the base vehicle that the team in house feel best suitable is as per the following spec:

  • VW T6 (SWB) T30 Highline Kombi.
  • EU6 150BHP.
  • DSG Automatic.
  • Single Side Loading Door – Power Latching or Electric.
  • Tailgate – Glazed (Inc Wash Wipe & Heated Screen) – Power Latching or Electric.
  • Comfort Seating (1+1) Inc Arm Rests / Height Adjustment / Lumbar Support.
  • Kombi Comfort Dash.
  • Carpeted Front Cab Load Mat.

“If you are looking for the ultimate luxury vehicle with adventure, Look no further than NewWave; Our in house specialists are here to advise you on what will best suit your individual needs and lifestyle.”

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