Vango AirAway®

Available from NWCC Vango – Awnings; The pioneers of inflatable tents and awnings for caravans and motorhomes.
Simple to use and quick to pitch, Vango AirBeam® has revolutionised camping with big tents and awnings.

Following the success of Vango AirBeam® tents, it quickly became obvious that the technology had benefits that others would love too. So in 2013 Vango launched their air awnings. Developing the Vango AirAway® inflatable drive-away awnings for use with camper vans and motorhomes.


The Idris AirAway® Awning, in its easy to pack oversized carry bag, is a great choice for campervan and motorhome owners.

Idris – (Low)

Surfing, hiking, sailing, cycling, kayaking or simply just relaxing. Let the Idris Air be part of your adventure. This freestanding drive away awning offers a combination of convenience and space; providing a sizeable extension for living, sleeping or storage, in a lightweight package.

Exclusively designed by Vango, the included linked-in groundsheet system offers all the comfort of a fully sewn-in groundsheet but can be detached when not in use and is easy to clean. The front door can be king poled out as a functional shade from the rain or sun.

Options RRP
Idris Vango AirAway® £480
Footprint £32.50

Kela III – (Low)

The market leading Kela III Air, which is the driving force behind Vango’s freestanding awning collection. Now features a high quality 420 double ripstop Sentinel Pro fabric. This, coupled with bracer beams and a set of storm straps, ensure the Kela III Air retains its status as one of the finest drive away awning available. With a side door on each side of the connecting tunnel, this is an ideal area for storage and will help keep the awning and your vehicle clean and dry.

Don’t fret about stormy conditions, the patented Tension Band System (TBS® II) ensures your awning will remain stable in harsh weather and for normal conditions, simply tuck it away into the dedicated pockets.

Options RRP
Kela III Vango AirAway® £620
Footprint £32.50


The Kela III Air is a beautifully designed drive-away awning that is sure to compliment your camper van or motorhome.


Galli – (Low)


The Galli Air brings a fresh approach to drive away awnings.

Galli ‘RSV’ – (Low)

Three words express the very essence of the Galli Air: innovative, contemporary and versatile. It’s impressive in structure and design, ideal for anyone who wants a larger and more usable space from their awning.

The unique pre-bend AirBeam® structure with curved roof offer greater comfort and room to live in by increasing head height inside the awning. There is even the option to add in one or two inner bedrooms to offer dedicated sleeping space at the rear.

Constructed with Vango Sentinel Pro 420- an extremely high quality double ripstop polyester fabric for superior strength and long lasting durability. Flexibility is key in a drive away inflatable awning and to enhance this, with a side door in the connecting section between the awning and your vehicle, creating a great “utility room” for storage that will help your space stay clean and dry.

Options RRP
Galli & Galli 'RSV' Vango AirAway® £950
Footprint £42.50

Cruz – (Low)

The new Cruz Air awning enhances the AirAway® collection for 2017, featuring market leading Sentinel Pro 420 Fabric that offers superior comfort and durability. Pre-angled Vango SuperBeams™ provide additional stability, allowing for excellent headroom and increased interior space.

A half & half door on the front allows for superb versatility, providing either more shelter or ventilation in the awning and a convenient front extension overhang allows for storage of muddy boots & protection from the elements.

Options RRP
Cruz Vango AirAway® £800
Footprint £37.50


All of the DriveAway awnings feature a door in the connecting tunnel which allows easy access in and out of your vehicle, whilst allowing the connection to function as a “utility room”. The Cruz Air is an extremely versatile companion for your motorhome, creating a comfortable conservatory for relaxing, whatever the weather.


All Vango Drive-Away Awnings are supplied with:

  • Roof bar attachment tabs.
  • Over vehicle webbing straps.
  • Pre-attached kador strip.
  • ‘Wide-Mouth’ carry bag with compression straps.
  • Steel rock pegs.
  • Double-action pump.
  • Two-year warranty.
  • Quoted product weight, includes above items

Recommended with every awning purchase:

  • Vango Awning specific Footprint.
  • Driveway Kit (4mm & 6mm) or (6mm & 6mm).

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