Sample Range

Sample Range

The possibilities are endless when it comes to deciding on your conversion interior finish. When creating a new interior design, it is important that attention is paid to every detail, for every detail has a great influence on the final finish.

Dare to be different! Choose a good style and a unique look. Thanks to the joint effort of the NWCC experienced craftsmen, with the use of the best materials available on the market, we are able to achieve all desired goals – which results in a unique, personalised interior.

Design Consultations:

Team NWCC strive to offer our cliental the latest products available, sourcing materials from all over Europe; As each season passes the materials available are updated and some are even discontinued. Therefore six weeks prior to any allocated conversion team NWCC require that you book in for a design consultation with us to enable us to devote our time to you, specifically assisting you with choosing your conversion materials.

The options list is endless and anything is possible but please the more information you provide our team beforehand the closer we get to perfecting every single element of you’re one off custom interior. We will provide as much direction and information possible; Emily will be happy to assist with the consultation, we do advice a lengthy sit down with us, however if this is not possible face-time conversions or emailed photographs are also possible.

“If you are looking for the ultimate luxury vehicle with adventure, Look no further than NewWave; Our in house specialists are here to advise you on what will best suit your individual needs and lifestyle.”


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