Towbar Solutions


Open up your options with your multi-use VW T5 or T6 with varied towbar installations; Weather towing a small trailer, caravan, or you require installation of a cycle rack, we have the option available to you. Here at NWCC we have all of the necessary software & equipment to install the available towing options to manufactures standard, programming the tow bar electronics to work with CAN systems and ECU programming.

Many people do not know that the quality of a tow bar is very important for your safety; Our Towing solutions meet all quality standards and, as a result, ensures the life span, safety and trouble-free functioning and operation of your tow bar. All prices listed are based on the works being carried out at the same time as a conversion; Whilst the vehicle is stripped down enabling us access to the route wiring looms and fuse locators.

Fixed Towbar Options

A fixed towbar is a type of towbar that is permanently fixed to your vehicle. This type of tow bar is a good choice if you plan on using the towbar frequently.

Available to you is the Westifalia– Swan Neck Fixed Towbar; This is VW’s own choice of tow bar when installed at factory. The electrical system must be programmed into the vehicle via VAG Com software allowing the system to become compatible with the VW parking aid sensors.

The swan neck tow bar is the most common type of towbar used across Europe; With the swan neck the tow ball and the neck form one piece of the tow bar.

£599 Supplied & Fitted Inclusive of VAT.



Removable Towbar Options

A large number of towbars sold nowadays are of the detachable type. A detachable tow bar is only attached when required; A detachable tow bar can be attached in a few seconds without the need for tools.

Available to you is the Westifalia– Swan Neck Removable Towbar; Once detached via the quick release system the tow bar base is completely hidden. Similarly to the Fixed Towbar option, the electrical system must be programmed into the vehicle via VAG Com software allowing the system to become compatible with the VW parking aid sensors.

£799 Supplied & Fitted Inclusive of VAT.

Load Carrying Solutions

As a leading supplier within the global automotive accessory market, Westfalia-Automotive has designed and developed an award winning, multi functional, compact, towbar-mounted load carrier system to serve the needs of leisure, sports and professional users.

Part of the fun of a cycle trip is just getting there. To get your journey off to a great start Westfalia-Automotive designed its BC 60 Cycle Carrier with your needs firmly in mind. The BC 60 is easy to mount onto the tower (no tools are required), is extremely compact and ultra-safe.

£450 Supplied & Fitted Inclusive of VAT.



BC 60 Cycle Carrier

The BC 60 Cycle Carrier is suitable for cycles with a wheel base of up to 1300mm and can carry loads up t 60kg, making it ideal for heavy electric cycles. Loading cycles onto the BC 60 at waist height is easy compared to loading onto a roof mounted rack.

When not in use the BC 60 can be folded (58 x 69 x 22cm) making storage easy. A range of practical accessories are available including an expansion rail to carry a this cycle as well as a transport box and platform, providing additional load carrying solutions.

The BC 60 Cycle Carrier.

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