Brembo Brake Upgrades

Brembo Brake Upgrades

When considering upgrading the ascetics of your VW rarely is it considered to alter the Brakes; Here at NWCC we have configured a high performance kit that is suitable for the VW T5 or T6 with 19″ or larger wheels only.

Package Includes:

  • Brembo 8pot Callipers
  • AP Grooved & Ventilated Discs
  • Custom Aluminium / Satin black hard anodised Bells
  • Custom Aluminium Calliper Mounts
  • EBC Yellow Stuff Pads
  • Custom Calliper Mounts & Replacement Brake Lines

£2,799.00 Supplied.
Fitting service can be offered at £240 Inclusive of VAT.


Please consider that when opting for this upgrade due to the installation of the larger brake callier the standard OEM 16″ or 17″ spare wheel will no longer be suitable they DO NOT fit with the Brembo Brake upgrade.

Brake Disks part number  – CP4542-112CG12

Brake Pads part number – DP41513R



AP Racing – Performance Brake Discs

AP Racing has more than 20 years of experience with brakes in F1 and Sportscars racing; Ventilated Discs suit the most demanding race series in the world as well performance road vehicles.


‘A’ Outside Diameter (mm). 362.0
‘B’ Thickness (mm). 32.0
‘M’ P.C.D. Diameter (mm). 215.9
Mounting Hole Number. 12
Mounting Fixing Type. "Bolted"
Mounting Hole Diameter (mm). 6.4
‘C’ Eye Diameter (mm). 251.0
‘D’ Inside Flange Diameter (mm). 195.0
‘H’ Mtg Flange Thickness (mm). 6.43
Max Pad Depth. D54
Number of Vanes. 48
Air Gap (mm). 17.5
Weight (kg). 7.3

Custom Coloured Callipers

Front Custom coloured callipers. £299.00
Rear Custom coloured callipers. £259.00

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