DB7’s VWT5 Custom Interior Conversion

DB7’s VWT5 Custom Interior Conversion

When ever team NWCC require the assistance of DB7 Repairs, Dave the main man himself is on site within hours. Having required his specialist service over the years all teams members have gained a great working relationship with Dave. This has lead to conversations over a lengthy period of time of ways that NWCC could develop a suited interior to coincide with the business services that DB7 offer. Not only is DB7’s VW Transporter used for business use it is also used for family benefits. With his base vehicle a VWT5 Kombi, the 2nd row seating was still required for ferrying children to and from school, kids clubs etc… Therefore these still needed to be incorporated within the conversion.

Having a removable garage area for storage of tooling and an area to work within was what was needed all combined behind the 2nd row seating. Initially the build is a perfect example of a minimal lining conversion; A simple Altro Transfloor with grey fleck, Insulation & Sound deadening of the side walls, and to complete the look a vinyl headlining.

Extra touches have been made with hexagonal detailing completed throughout the headlining and within the side loading door panels. To suit the needs of the customer additional lighting has been added within the headlining with four touch sensitive LED’s within the passenger compartment, a further four within the load area and an additional two within the tailgate panel.
The dividing 2nd row bulkhead has been custom made with a section deleted for ease of storage of lengthily objects; This all suited for the business use of the vehicle. The lightweight custom storage which was designed in house here at NWCC and produced on our CNC machine has been designed specifically to the requirements of Dave and the tooling he needs to use and transport within the vehicle. This unit is also completely removable for the occasions when work takes a back seat.

On these hopefully more frequent occasions; The addition of a passenger double swivel base to prove a versatile seating arrangement, and 2nd row ITC table set-up will allow the family a relaxing space to utilise how they require. When Dave is busy at work using the vehicle to it’s full potential, within his new ‘office’ space/ garage/ tools holding area, however he wished to use it, he can sit down and take the weight off with a quirky custom made NWCC stool. NWCC’s in house upholster also spent a lengthily period of time custom designing & making the perfect storage and transportable carry bag for DB7’s larger equipment.

To ensure all equipment has sufficient charging and on the occasions that DB7’s services are requires away from a mains connection, an under chassis leisure source has been added. This will ensure a power point connection to the many sockets located throughout the vehicle. As a thank you for all the support given to NWCC over the years, we took the time to incorporate DB7’s logo within his table top and rear door hatch which houses his compressor behind. This was something a little different for the NWCC team to get stuck into, Hopefully this new interior layout with benefit the needs of DB7 and the family adventures.