Four Car Audio

Four Car Audio

We understand selection is a process of elimination, with more and more converters appearing all over the uk we are all continually aiming to offer more than our competitors.
With Brian the owner of the global giants Four Car Audio having access to so many converters all over the uk we were flattered he chose the NWCC team to convert his brand new T6. which will be serving two purposes, a family get away vehicle to optimise his time spent with them and the Second to perform as a display demo vehicle to attend the shows and exhibitions with Four Car Audio.

Brian opted for a version of the our popular Multipurpose Conversion with some popular upgrades including the Thule 4900 awning mounted on to the Reimo multirail allowing for both capabilities, the Vangoo airmbeam awning for those weekend stays and the Thule for the quick stops.
The usual Black nappa upgrade which we see so often here at NWCC but this one was a little different as Brian brought in a a set of Audi RS3 wing backs for us to custom to trim,paint and mount into the can to perform as Captain seats👌👌. “Nice touch Brian”

Most know we switched to the Reimo VTEC elevating roof around 3 years ago after appalling service and customer care from SCA and we are increasingly impressed from the build quality and after sales Reimo provide us with. This was any easy option for Brian with young children he needed a place for them to sleep.

The Multipurpose includes all the usual necessities lithium Lesuire battery, solar energy source, wabasto heating, RIB150 seating/sleeping, sound kill options, swivel seats, lining, lighting, Altro Transfloor, 240/12v electrical resources combined with Brian’s upgrades we hope this will make those spontaneous family trips easy going and practical.

Once again a huge thanks to Brian and Jas at Four Car Audio for choosing NWCC we are flattered and eternally grateful, We love working with business partners and it was great to repay you for the continuous knowledge as support you have provided us over the last 7 years.

We look forward to seeing you soon for some planned future accessories.

From all the NWCC team “Thank you”