The Hough Traditional Lux Conversion

The Hough Traditional Lux Conversion

We had an old T2 campervan for the last 8 years, when we first bought it we just wanted to try out an old one to see how we got on with it, we discovered that we loved camper van life and the old van was great and there was no reason to change it. We have decided now that it is time for a change and as we are going to be using the new van for our main family car and as a camper van we are in a position to buy something newer.

We love the VW vans and really liked the layout of our old van.  Having had a van previously we knew how we used it and what would work for us We didn’t want a California as the layout didn’t really work for us.  We wanted a bit more of a finger print on it so we started researching.

There are lots of different camper van conversion companies and everyone has got their own signature.  We really liked New Wave from the start but didn’t think we could afford it, but looking around and visiting other companies,  it was clear that New Wave knew what they were doing and they just oozed quality. Everything was so well thought out and the attention to detail meticulous and so we were sold.  When comparing prices actually there was so much included in the price for the conversion compared to others where they were optional extras at additional cost.

We wanted the van to be used for nights, weekends and holidays away with our dog, but also it had to accommodate 4 passengers as our main family vehicle.  We like to camp whatever the weather so we wanted something to work throughout the year.  We didn’t want to be stuck to a hook up necessarily – we wanted to be able to do simple camping if we chose to.  This van offers that with the solar panel which will put more in on a sunny day than we could ever draw out, a diesel heater which will keep us warm in the winter months and a lithium battery offering us a lightweight battery with ballsy power. Oh and a TV and DVD so that I never have to miss Match of the Day.

As the van was also going to be my car and I had been used to driving a sporty SUV I didn’t want it to feel like a van so decided on Bilsteins, H&R anti roll bars with  20 inch wheels to make the drive enjoyable.  I wanted it to look the part.

We are love with how the conversion has turned out, it’s exactly the kind of style and level of luxury we were hoping for.  NW have done a fantastic job, they made us feel valued and we knew that these guys were going to deliver. They’re very ordered and clean workshop gives you good idea of how they work Their level of quality and finish is outstanding, they really want to deliver high quality and they do, from the initial consultation through to the build and even the handover was thorough and ensuring we knew everything about our new van – we couldn’t be happier with her!

Team NWCC would like to personally Thank The Hough Family, For choosing NWCC as their Converter, We hope you have many happy years in your new Camper.