The Hume’s VWT6 Caravelle SE – Upgrades

The Hume’s VWT6 Caravelle SE – Upgrades

Returning to NWCC in 2016 for the second of their vehicles completed by our team in house; The Hume’s this time around purchased a brand new VWT6 (LWB) Caravelle SE. With the factory specification vehicle meeting most of the families requirements it was down to team NWCC to finalise their needs.

Externally the vehicle was altered to give a ‘Stealth’ appearance; Adding 20″ BBS SV Alloys in Satin Black, the clear lines with an unmistakable design suggest the amount of power this wheel wants to be moved by. Specially designed for SUVs for use on and off the road, it gives a unique character. An exceptional look that leaves a deep impression.

The suspension has been lowered using an Eibach 50mm lowering springs, this ensuring maximum handling, braking and performance whilst still maintaining a comfortable but sporty ride.”Eibach is the World Leader in after market and factory sports suspension from street cars to Formula 1 Teams.” To finalise the exterior look, VW (LWB) black side bars have been added as well as all rear windows being tinted not only for the privacy of the rear passengers, also to give the appearance of a van externally as opposed to a passenger carrier.

Internally for rear passenger entrainment, Alpine’s PKG-RSE3HDMI rear seat entertainment system is the solve-everything hub for long journeys. This overhead monitor/DVD player combo gives you plenty of media options besides DVD playback. Using the dual HDMI inputs, you can play HD video from any HDMI-enabled device like a smartphone or tablet. Alpine also includes two USB inputs (one for media playback and one for charging) and one composit video input to keep your options open. Now, everyone in the back seat will have a prime seat to enjoy movies, TV, and web content on the PKG-RSE3HDMI’s crisp 10.1″ flip-down monitor, thanks to stunning picture clarity and high brightness for better daylight viewing. You can give the kids full independence with Alpine’s full-function wireless remote, or if you’d like a little more parental control, keep the remote handy to get their attention if you need to.

Not only being able to extend the camping and outdoor season for as long as wanted; Wherever in the world and whatever the weather, the Eberspächer heater has been installed to keep the passenger compartment of this vehicle cosy & warm. An Eberspächer heater provides all the heat you need to ensure a pleasant sleeping climate in even the coldest of nights.

Up front we have installed the Kenwood ‘DNX525DAB’ Multimedia System, The superb high-resolution screen shows directions, track listings and a whole wealth of information very clearly. It offers multiple levels of connectivity, making it simple to talk hands-free or use your favourite music player. To assist with parking the vehicle, the Kenwood CMOS220 Reverse Camera completed the vehicle upgrades.