The majority NWCC customers are outdoor active people but this couple are something else. Both professional jockeys with an extreme love for cycling.
The Flints” decided upon The VERSO conversion which fits perfectly for this young couple needs, offering complete flexibility and versatility with a full front to back slide action rear seating system opening up the rear boot space to accommodate the couples valuable Carbon fibre cycling hardware.

Here at Newwave we offer a huge range of options and finishes as we understand each customer has a different idea of their perfect interior.

The Flints were an absolute pleasure to deal with and quickly decided upon finishes and fixtures spending some time in the consultation room placing samples, colours and textures together this is a very important part of any build and I must admit I am no interior designer  so I can only offer so much advice and direction but the Flints new almost  instantly what direction they wanted to take this build.

The unexpected last minute upgrade was the very popular NWCC Recaro CS seats, Rhys spotted a set in the display area and decided to take a seat, after feeling the comfort and support these seats provide Rhys got excited and simply had to have them along with the Thule 4900 awning and Webasto Diesel heater making those all year round camping adventures more comfortable and enjoyable.

We hope the flint family make great use of this build and make as much use of it as possible and I am sure we will see them on the Triathlon circuit In 2019.

Colour options for this build was as follows:
Furniture: Graphite wood
Staron Solid work surfaces:Silver cloud
Leather:Black BR Smooth/Red Top Stitch Tyre Tread Pattern
Flooring: Altro Sparkler Floor