The Allen Caravelle

The Allen Caravelle

Most will Know that NWCC Fitted SCA Roofs for a number of years as they were leading the market with the 194 Deluxe model, But I think most converters will agree that SCA were extremely difficult to do business with. With long lead times, quality control issues and product failures.
After nearly 6 years we decided enough was enough, We needed to get away from this product.

We decided to contact Reimo The German giants where we spent a lot of time researching the new Reimo easy-fit VTEC Elevating roof, After weeks of careful consideration and a day spent at Reimo, we decided the product, warranty and support was what we needed to offer our customers.

Months of Reimo VTEC installs sailed by with things never running so logistically efficient, Until the day a customer asked us to install a VTEC into his factory Caravelle. A quick phone call to Reimo who made us aware that there is a specialist roof designed for the application called the Climatic, Again Reimo offering their outstanding support.

The interior of this factory LWB Caravelle had to perform a little differently from its originality, Tom needed somewhere to sit warm and comfortable at the side of the track analysing  his race cars performance data.
Tom instructed team NWCC with exactly what he wanted, The priority was the small kitchen pod, Somewhere to make a cup of coffee and store a few essentials, We opted for a removable pod which locks in to the Caravelle rails. The Pod houses the CAN hob/sink combination unit, 904 gas bottle, fresh and waste water tanks and has the option of being stored in the vehicle at the front or rear, can be fully removed and slides on a polyurethane sled base.
Next was to keep this van nice and warm so we introduced the Webasto Diesel heater, along with a few comforts, USB power points, 24″ Avtex TV,  LED lighting, all powered form the vehicles AUX battery and topped up from the 160W solar panel mounted to the Reimo elevating roof. The 240v hook up supply package was also opted for, For those rare times when there is on site power supply.

A few  more comforts were added in yet again to help the vehicle function for Tom. Front seat swivels, a clever table extension to accommodate laptops and coffee mugs, The factory cooler box which is exclusively designed for the Caravelle and located neatly in its own sled which again locks into the floor rails.
While the vehicle was in we removed the poorly fitted Fiamma F45 and installed the Fiamma using the NWCC mounting brackets and Reimo Multi Rail allowing that extra height, full function of the Reimo multi rail and closing up that annoying wind tunnel with the Fiamma rain guard trim.

We hope Tom makes great use of his investment and has years of enjoyment from it.