2018 Sportline

2018 Sportline

Here at NWCC we see a fair share of Sportline vans through the doors, I remember a time where these vans were built in limited numbers but now it seems to be at least one a week through the NWCC workshop doors.

The reason we are seeing so many of these into the NWCC workshops I personally feel is due to the fact VW don’t give you a lot for £40,000 so its down to team NWCC to deliver the interior these vehicles deserve.

Our customer Mr Demaid a local business man specialising in metal finishing and treating opted for some serious upgrades with the team, including the Alcantara headliner options running from the A pillars across both headliners and right the way to the rear of the vehicle, combined with dim-able perimeter travel lighting providing a ambient travel space for the rear passengers who will now travel in complete silence due to the NWCC five stage sound kill packages.

Time after time NWCC have worked with the global audio masters Audison and this vehicle had the same treatment with Audiosn sound upgrades hidden throughout the vehicle and backed up with stability and complete tuning capabilities from the Audion 4.9 BIT digital amplifier allowing us to offer a complete personalised tuned sound.

A huge thanks to Mr Demaid for working with us as we love working with local businesses and supporting the Welsh manufacturing industry.