The Boot’s VW T6 LWB VERSO Conversion

The Boot’s VW T6 LWB VERSO Conversion

This LWB Verso conversion was a first for team NWCC; The Verso build spec is now quickly becoming a popular conversion next to the Traditional LUX, however until now we hadn’t had the opportunity to build this on a LWB chassis.

When the Boot’s originally visited NWCC back in October 2017 and enquired regarding a LWB Verso conversion we knew that we had a few things to consider. In comparison to completing this build on a SWB chassis there were few elements that would differ; Firstly VW do not manufacture a LWB California so in order to make the California seat work with a VW rail system, VW Caravelle LWB rails had to be redesigned and modified to suit. The Verso conversion offers complete functionality and versatility within either the “SWB” or “LWB”, with the seat not only capable of sliding the full length of the vehicle it also offers the option of complete removal of the seat.

The Verso is used by customers who need to utilise the vehicle for more than just a camper i.e. carrying sports equipment for those who love a spontaneous trip, skiing, cycling, fishing, surfing or simply having the option to have young children seated directly behind the first row.

To ensure that their vehicle was specifically suited exactly to their needs and what they required out of the converted T6 the Boot’s opted for several upgrades including the popular indestructible Eberspacher D2 diesel heater, as well as child friendly leather upgraded upholstery to all seating and matching accessories. The benefit of adding a 150w solar package to make those rugged off grid camping trips last longer and the bullfinch external BBQ point to enjoy out door cooking avoiding and lingering smells settling within the vehicle.

There wasn’t a huge amount of exterior upgrades completed as apart of this build but the ones that were chosen will make a huge difference to the vehicle. The Bilstein B14 coilovers have been fitted for the ultimate driving experience, deleting all of that body roll. Installing full mid way privacy glass which wraps a full 360 around the vehicle for perfect symmetry offers external two-toning along with the LWB Fiamma F45s in a discreet black finish.

We hope that the Boot’s will love this build for a long time as great care was taken when choosing all of the materials needed from the furniture, to the work surface and leather options. We feel that the whole build has tied together extremely well achieving that timeless look, no need for fashion trends here.

Every year new leisure industry products are launched and when we can see that our builds can benefit from them we are sure to incorporate these products where we can. The Boot’s are now showcasing the CRX65 Waeco draw fridge along with the latest after-market non genuine VW flush fit sliding window; We look forward to hearing the feed back on these products!