Business Class Caravelle upgrades

Business Class Caravelle upgrades

Mr.L a long term client of NWCC, Really stepped his game up this year arriving on site with a brand new Business Class Caravelle. The pinnacle of the Transporter world arrived at the shop to be improved in several directions.

Team NWCC got to work, carefully stripping down this brand new vehicle removing every panel making way for sound deadening options, as most converters know this vehicle maybe £60,000 from VW but they come with the bare minimum of sound deadening.
Full Skinz application was installed floor to ceiling then layered up with a closed cell foam insulation.

NWCC has worked with Reimo for nearly 10 years, and it was now time to install the specifically designed Reimo VTEC elevating roof, allowing the OEM headliner to be integrated into the roof pod, relocating the roof vents and control panel to the rear of the roof section into a specifically designed mount from Reimo.
Mr L then requested that we finish all is his interior headliner, A,B,C and D pillars in a grey Alcantara again stepping up the level of finish in his vehicle, several more upgrades were integrated as the vehicle was built back up , Lithium power source, USB/12V power points, tinted glass, 160Watt solar panel combined with the CTEK battery management.

The underside of the Reimo roof bed was fitted with a 9mm light weight panel allowing us to finish in a fluted Alcantara design , integrating dimmable strip lighting to create a ambient light when in motion.

Many converters avoid the elevating roof integration into the Caravelle Business class, but team NWCC love a challenge, along with the support and excellent development from Reimo this job is made to look as factory as possible.

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