The Foster’s TRI Multipurpose Conversion

The Foster’s TRI Multipurpose Conversion

After first meeting with the Foster family back in November 2017, We knew back then that we had a very particular customer sat in front of us. During the first consultation it was clear to see that in-depth research had been carried out, on not only who was the chosen converter but how the end user wanted to achieve their desired layout ensuring that the functionality suited their exact needs.

The Sports multipurpose conversion was the closest of the available specifications at NWCC that best suited the Foster’s needs, however it was felt that the exact specification and layout was not quite suitable. After many lengthily discussions back and fourth between us both we decided to create a load space within the rear of the vehicle which was kept separate from the living and sleeping area.

The rear load space was required to house some very expensive competition Triathlon bikes, equipment and race gear providing complete security and out of site storage. Whilst needing to incorporate this space we still had a challenge to create a 2 meter sleeping platform usable at weekend events. A custom RIB 150CM Neptune was designed and installed 400mm further forward of the usual mounting position. The RIB was fully equipped with integrated headrests and the very practical 220mm slide action bringing the seating arrangement neatly to meet the ITC stow-away table.

The Sports multipurpose houses all the home from home comforts as standard e.g., 240v. 12v, USB power points, LED lighting, a Dometic 30 litre draw fridge, full Sargent power distribution and plenty of storage solution for bedding and clothing. A few additional upgrades were added to the build specification to create a truly luxurious feel internally. Firstly an upgrade to all seating, which has been upholstered in a Nappa smooth black leather combined with a vibrant red top stitch and twin fluting centre detailing. An Alcantara headliner is running from front to rear, latex backed floor mats, venison blinds, 1st row swivel seats really helping to open that space up and not forgetting the Eberspacher D2 diesel heater providing generous heat for those winter events.

This build was designed with continuous input from the Foster family and with plenty of liaising back and fourth between both parties, with no final decisions made until we were given the go ahead. We feel the conversion has turned out perfectly providing everything the client has requested and still creating a practical space for four to sit and enjoy and two to sleep very comfortably.