Lilel Rail Planning Services – Mobile Office

Lilel Rail Planning Services – Mobile Office

Not often is the word FORD heard within the NWCC workshop; When an old school friend of Mike’s questioned if we’d be willing to assist with his mobile office little did we know he wasn’t thinking of the VW Transporter.

Purchasing a Ford Trasnit Custom – Double Cab in 2016 for business and pleasure use, the vehicle was suitable for both weekends with the children, putting their bikes in the back etc … and day to day work. The Transit however was just a van, not offering luxury or style.

There was a time when body kits for vans didn’t exist. Then only extremely expensive or ugly kits could be found. But now, TVA offer a highly desirable custom body kit for the Ford Transit, this vehicle has been enhanced with the 11 piece body styling kit as well as the addition of the rear door spoiler.

To complete the exterior improvements a set of Bola B20 20″ alloy wheels. A rear brake light camera with interior mirror monitor was installed to aid with manoeuvring and to ensure caution is taken to protect the vehicle’s new styling additions.

Deleting the original bulkhead and producing a half hight bulkhead makes the vehicle a lot more light and airy. The Milano suede headlining runs seamlessly throughout the vehicle into the front cab, with centre strip detailing and LED lighting giving the interior a luxurious feel.

The original Transit 2nd row double cab seating has been relocated further back on the vehicle chassis, this did minimise the boot space however allowed for more space upfront to accommodate a custom storage unit.

Having CNC facilities onsite at NWCC has ensured that the design of the storage unit which houses a Waeco CB40 top loading fridge is suitable for the vehicle owner. To ensure that this vehicle can be used as a mobile office & meeting area, a small table with swan neck table leg is neatly included.

Every office environment benefits from electric facilities, a Sterling Power Pro SIBR121600 Pure Sine-Wave Inverter with RCD allows for 240v charge, as well as the additional leisure battery to power both 12v and USB sockets located in the rear of the vehicle.

No conversion is complete of late without audio additions and this vehicle has a phenomenal set up with a range of Audison products. Audison ‘AP6 & AP1’ Prima Front Speakers & Tweeters, Audison ‘APX’ Prima 100mm Rear Speakers, Audison ‘AP4.9’ Bit 4-CHANNEL Amplifier with DSP, Audison ‘AP1’ Prima Mono Amplifier and a Audison Prima APS 8D 8″ Subwoofer located in a custom made sub housing.

This conversion was another learning curve for team NWCC, most certainly a challenge but the result we are extremely pleased with.