Mitch’s VW Caddy – Maxi Conversion

Mitch’s VW Caddy – Maxi Conversion

A complete petrol head and VW enthusiast, Mitch was keen to convert his VW Caddy-Maxi both to suit his day to day lifestyle and for the many festivals and events he attends throughout each year. Prior to booking onto the NWCC schedule Mitch had spent time sifting through pages of Instagram feeds, Facebook posts, website galleries and forums, he therefore knew exactly what he wanted from his vehicle, and it was perfected with some advise and tweaks by the team in house at NWCC.

With Mitch not being keen on the OEM pearl grey plastics, both A & B pillars have been upholstered in genuine Alcantara; Deleting any light coloured plastics, OEM parts have been replaced with darker trims to coincide with the colour scheme wanted in this vehicle. Deleting the original parcel shelve adds much more height head within the front cab and makes the vehicle a lot more airy.

The alcantara has been perfectly scribbed around the custom moulded A Pillars, B pillars and throughout the rear headlining centre strip. The rear headlining reflects the centre stitch pattern used throughout the upholstery re-tirm, a 20mm flipped square. Mitch had the opportunity to view NWCC’s edition 001 NWR prior to the sale, he loved it and this confirmed which leather and cotton stitch he wanted in his own vehicle. The cotton stitch colour chosen for the upholstery upgrade has been used within the gear gaiter and steering wheel upgrade, tying all aspects of the interior conversion together.

This vehicle will be used as a daily drive, and for a lengthily commute to work. In any journey good audio is plus; This vehicle now offers a superb audio set up. Including the Audison Prima APK 163 ‘3-Way’ Speaker System, Audison 4.9 bit digital processor amp and Audison ‘APX’ Prima 4″ rear speakers housed in custom speaker pods.

A first for team NWCC, an Eberspacher installation within the VW Caddy. Hours of investigation works had to go into this to ensure that all safety aspects were considered for the install and the end user. With limited storage in this style of build the module itself is located behind the drivers chair and the nozzle positioned up through the flooring.

This vehicle really had a complete transformation,with any vehicle we recommend extreme care is taken to maintain the oem showroom exterior finish, having owned his vehicle for a few years the paintwork had light scratches and swirling within the body, the NWCC team now offer a full paint correction service which brought this vehicle back to new!