mr and mrs B’s Verso conversion

mr and mrs B’s Verso conversion

Another Verso complete for Mr and Mrs B
As a life long goal for this adventures couple, to design and build an interior which would suit their lifestyle and travel goals for the future.
This build required no development work from the team, as the VERSO conversion has been developed and tweaked over the past ten years of production, offering one of the most functional interiors on today’s market backed and supported by NWCC’s attention to detail and level of finish and craftsmanship not only known by our customers but by people all over the UK from suppliers to competitors.

Mr and Mrs B had been planning this build for sometime so new exactly what colour options they wanted to help build up the interior, delivering a timeless high quality look and feel they would stay in love with for years to come.

Starting with the first thing your eyes meet when opening the slide door, our immaculate CNC cut and CAD designed furniture finished with only the best hardware from Hafele and edged using our automated ABS edge banding machine.
I would like to make this very clear, with converters popping up all over the UK using semi fitted flat pack furniture finished with a knock in T Trim, we design, machine and install everything in house allowing us to develop our products to work and function to a factory standard and stand the test of time and daily use.

The upholstery, nothing over the top a simple grey Alcantara and grey leather complete with the 2020 VW factory stitch design complements the timeless factory build feel.
Now for the Hardware…….I keep preaching this to people “do not compare our designs and products with others online unless you understand what we integrate into our conversions and why we do so”

Starting with the electrical system, only the best hardware supplied from Votronic backed with a 100AH lithium battery, 180W flush mounted solar panel with reverse side invisible gland entry, Votronic battery to battery intelligent charger to cope with the T6.1 stop/start technology and regenerative breaking, Votronic MPT solar regulatory and the Votronic 230v to 12v charge to top up the lithium battery when hooked up on site.
Our electrical hardware is installed with the highest of standards abs safety procedures in mind with all power fuses carefully located, labelled and supplied with a full DXF and hard copy wiring loom model as we understand not all our clients are local and will need one day to change a fuse or a piece of hardware in years to come.

Exterior on this vehicle was again kept very subtle with the REIMO VTEC elevating roof staying Candy white to match the vehicle and a full set of 17” Black Rhino Mozambique added to work with the white abs black external theme.

We hope we have done Mr and Mrs B proud and have provided them a vehicle which will provide them with years upon years of travel, holidays and memories.

A huge thanks from all the team at NWCC, thank you for choosing us and we have loved working with you.