MR C’s Verso Conversion

MR C’s Verso Conversion

Mr C, an extremely successful businessman came to us with a vision of creating a family vehicle to hang on to those last teenage years before his kids are way too cool to hang out with Mam & Dad 😂

Already an active family, Mr C had an idea of a day van but as usual the planning stages ended up in resulting in a all out huge spec Verso, allowing sleeping for 4 and all year round usability thanks to the Webasto diesel heater.

What started out as a Copper Bronze Highline 150DSG ended up sitting on Koni Adjustable comfort coil overs, Vossen staggered alloys, Dometic awning, 180W solar and finished with an amazing Bulli style Perl white 50/50 vehicle wrap providing this vehicle with a retro road presence.

Anyone who has done there research knows not to compare our Verso to most conversions due to the huge spec the vehicle is built to as standard.

Not only the usual NWCC impeccable procedures and craftsmanship the Verso is loaded with market leading brands from all over Europe……Voltronic, Thule, VW, Dometic, Lion, staron, Egger, Hafelle, just to name a few.

We hope Mr C and his family make the most of there all new adventure van and make priceless memories which will stick with them for a lifetime.