Mr D Kombi build

Mr D Kombi build

Here at NWCC, we’ve always kept family at the core of our values, with our dogs being a well-loved addition to the New Wave brand and local community!
With dogs playing such an integral part of the family lifestyle, we wanted to go above and behind for Mr D when he specked his latest New Wave Kombi build!

For us, we believe even the ‘straightforward builds’ should reflect the personality of their owners…

Mr D’s Kombi build is a prime example of this: a huge amount of thought and planning was put into his T6.1, with countless subtle personal touches throughout.
The signature NWCC floating headliner is always a fan favourite; developed over countless years of industry experience and manufactured in-house here at New Wave. We use a combination of LED strip and spot lighting to create a fantastic ambiance within the van. Alcantara is the perfect final flourish; a premium material within the automotive industry that has earned it’s place through years of motor-racing pedigree! I’m sure you’ll agree that the final effect is utterly stunning, especially at night.

During the build consultation, Mr D shows huge enthusiasm for the vibrant tan bespoke leather… and it’s safe to say this the finished upholstery looks utterly incredible on the completed build! Subtle touches such as an Audi ‘RS style’ hexagonal top stitch adds yet another subtle touch to the interior, whilst maintaining it’s OEM ‘Isofix’ capabilities!
Of course, our favourite piece of the van is the bespoke dog bed fitted to the rear. As with all NWCC fixtures and fittings, this was bespoke designed and CNC’d in house. We might be a little biased, but not only does this feature add personality to an already gorgeous vehicle, but also maintains the award winning New Wave build quality… designed to last a lifetime of adventures!

When the build draws to a close and handover looms, I catch Mike admiring the dog bed to the rear of the van on a warm Thursday evening
“Well that looks absolutely fantastic” he says, “ I should’ve machined a second one for my own van too!”.

Although this was not Mr D’s first vehicle from us here at New Wave, it was a pleasure as always to help him realise his dream Kombi spec. We can’t wait to see what he has planned for us next!