Mr J’s “STEALTH” Conversion

Mr J’s  “STEALTH” Conversion

Converting this very basic Startling Panel van to a usable everyday vehicle which has to be used for so many applications would be a little difficult with a extremely busy client owning several businesses we had to nail Mr J down to get his plans for the vehcile into a concept and design layout.

This vehcile was to be used for Snowboard trips, Velodrome cycling all over the UK, daily commutes, supporting Athlete Kitchen with prepared meal deliveries, hauling equipment to and from the Client gym UFIT Cardiff. We had to keep it basic due to budget constraints and the space needed within the vehicle, so we opted for some simple but yet affective options .

We decided to opt for the most versatile seat we offer here at NWCC, The VW California seat modified to sit on the uk side of the vehicle complete with our Multiflex rear parcel shelf and mattress topper package offering complete sleeping comfort. We needed a power supply to power the Dometic 110L cooler box to support Athlete Kitchen so we opted for a lithium battery with the widely used CTEK management battery to battery charge complete with 12v and USB sockets spaced conveniently around the vehicle allowing Mr J to fit the the giant Dometic cooler box in several locations.

Mr J’s startline turned up with a simple 2 plus 1 set up in the cab, we worked on the maths costing comparing the price of a new single passenger seat and arm rest upgrade to the drivers seat against the the NWCC Recaro seat upgrade, it didn’t take Mr J long to realise by the time he purchased the new passenger seat, added arm rests to the drivers seat and added the desired leather upgrade it would be far cheaper to upgrade the cab to the ousting Recaro CS finished at factory in Ambler leather and Dynamic Alcantara.
The rear California seat was designed and trimmed to perfectly fit in with he front Recaro seats again using leather and Dynamic complete with a simple black top stitch.

The interior was finished with the usual NWCC lining and sound kill options finished to a standard our competitors cannot compare to, We opted for a Alcantara upgrade throughout the vehicle finishing the rear passenger compartment and cab area in a light grey Alcantara timing in with the vehicles plastic trims and and Sun-visors proving that OEM look with a touch of Highend vehicle finishing.

The vehicles externals were very subtle, We still have a few stages to go on this build so there is more to come externally, for now the client opted for the T6 Sportline side bars in mat black combined with Black Rhino York wheels wrapped in BFG tyres, this wheel is personally one of my favourite 17″ wheels from the Black Rhino range, the all terrain sector in the Volkswagen 5×120 PCD wheel fitment is still very limited I feel this wheel provides a understated quality look without being to over the top and spoiling the VW T6’s appeal and subtle styling.

Next to come from this build is a full T6 Startline to Highline bumper package complete with fog lights, Sportline front and rear spoilers, we will then sit back and decide where to go next with the build letting Mr J steer the way forward.