Mr & Mrs D’s Verso Conversion

Mr & Mrs D’s Verso Conversion

Furniture board- Polar Aland Pine – H3433 – ST22
Splash Back- Yellow
Floor- Gosling
Worktop- Cloudbank
Leather -Holy Alaskan White

Here at NWCC, we’re firm believers in not keeping favorites… after all, every vehicle is individual to their owners and exceptionally different. Despite this, Mr & Mrs D’s conversion marked a rather special development in our Verso evolution; the first vehicle to feature our 2023 build updates!

Where do we start? A small but powerful change to our 2023 Verso design is the updated lighting solutions. The eagle eyed amongst you will notice the rear cabin lighting features a sleek upgrade; a single flowing LED ribbon incorporated below the upper storage pods. Whilst on the subject of storage solutions, the above-counter storage also features design updates for 2023. Deeper storage bins with more usable space are now combined with soft-close hinges… no more slamming overhead doors shut! After countless hours of product testing, we’ve found that the extra few MM incorporated into the upper storage space has a fundamental impact on the overall user enjoyment.

It goes without saying, the upholstery in this vehicle is truly stunning. A brand new design for 2023, fine hexagonal perforations are cut within the gorgeous “Holy Alaskan White” nappa leather, creating a ‘snowflake’ effect. This has been incorporated throughout the vehicle, on both the front swivel seats and rear sliding bench (with bespoke pillows to match). When Mr & Mrs D first told us they had intentions of pairing the white leather with a yellow splashback, we were unsure of the colour pairing suitability. However upon completion of the build, we have to agree… this pairing looks absolutely fantastic; the light colour palettes perfectly complementing each other.

A lightweight bespoke table sits tucked away within the sliding door, its compartment machined flush to draw focus away from the area when stored, focusing on the rear cabin space. Whilst away on adventures, a Webasto diesel heater ensures year-round usability, whilst a 69L fresh water tank (paired without our bespoke fill & shower point) allows for total off-grid sustainability.

As with all of our Verso conversions, a full Votronic system is the powerhouse behind the scenes. It may not be the cheapest system, but is undoubtedly the very best on the market. A Votronic VPC head unit controls the onboard setup, coordinating power from the 180 Watt solar to the Votronic 3244 battery charger and Duracell leisure battery.

Not all conversions are created equal. However, here at NWCC we’re proud to produce the absolute highest possible standard of work on both the visible, and non-visible elements within our builds. One example of this is something often overlooked: the onboard wiring system. We take grate care to ensure our looms are built from heavy-grade materials, and are meticulously organised behind the furniture fascias. Fancy checking it out for yourself? Check out the beautiful wiring work in the lower cupboard space, complete with spare fuses.

A genuine California bike rack sits to the rear of the vehicle, for family bike rides in the forest or summer holidays spent abroad!

For us, the latest generation in our signature Verso build marks the next step in pursuing perfection. We’re so excited to see these design updates feature on more vehicles as we progress into late spring, especially the memories their new owners will make in them! We hope that, like countless Verso owners from the past 10 years, Mr and Mrs D have many happy miles spent in their new T6.1. We’re so excited to the family enjoying their new Verso conversion and we look forward to working with them on their next project in years to come.