Mr & Mrs H Verso Conversion

Mr & Mrs H Verso Conversion

Furniture Board Egger H1313 ST10
Splash back- Altofina Range Tuff gloss 014 Worktops- Sanded Grey SG420
Floor- Bolon Artisan Cole
Leather- Bright Red
Blinds- Pearl light Grey

Sometimes in life, missing out the things you want often comes with an unforeseen silver lining.

In the case of Mr & Mrs H’s Verso conversion, narrowly missing out on purchasing our Fortana red ‘in-stock vehicle’ gave way to the possibility of a custom Verso conversion.

“We’re nearing retirement” explains Mr H, and we all agree that a NWCC Verso would be the perfect post-retirement adventuring vehicle.
Giving scope to the endless customisation possibilities for a Verso conversion, Mr & Mrs H make it clear from the outset that standing out with an eye-catching colour scheme is an absolute must.

The couple’s van starts life as a NWCC standard order, our usual 150DSG at6.1 with factory fitted swivel seats, a glazed tailgate and single sliding door. As the build progresses, the New Wave team busy themselves fitting the bespoke bright red leather upholstery, something we have all agreed that works fantastically well against the Pure Grey Volkswagen exterior.

One of the benefits of our Verso conversion is the option for our in-house bespoke upholstery, and in this case Audi RS-style diamond stitch was chosen for the seat centres.
Wishing to continue the ‘OEM+’ styling they had opted for on the interior, 20” BBS SX wheels and Eibach Adjustable comfort lowering springs were fitted to the van.
The build quickly progresses with our usual NWCC refinements added to the interior, a Webasto diesel heater and VW approved California slide action rear seat joining the party.

As the build draws to a close on a warm spring evening, Mike and the team fit Sportline sidebars to finish the vehicle, completely transforming the exterior to give a subtly aggressive stance.

Having previously owned a VW T5 conversion, Mr & Mrs H knew exactly what they wanted and how they wanted it, with this van nailing the eye-catching look they had aimed to achieve.

We’re all looking forward to seeing the adventures in store for this couple and their gorgeous T6.1, touring the world in one of our favourite Verso builds of the year so far!