Mr O’s Verso Conversion

Mr O’s Verso Conversion

Furniture board-H3146 ST19- Beige grey Lorenzo Oak
Splash Back- Tuff Gloss Grey 020
Corian- Silver Cloud
Leather-Upholstery Black Nappa, Black Caravelle Style top stitch

Clean and smart: Mr O’s Verso build epitomised the utilitarian characteristics we put into the engineering of our Verso conversion.
“I’d like a vehicle that we can use all year round… I guess you could say we have a very active lifestyle!” Mr O informs us during his initial consultation.

An active lifestyle indeed, we quickly find out that the family love Motocross and Mountain bikes (who doesn’t?!). Their new Verso build would need to navigate muddy fields in spring, play ‘race HQ’ for post-ride cups of tea and serve as overnight pre-race accommodation.

Much like the final build specification, our initial consultation with Mr O was straightforward and precise. Opting for a classy black top stitch over fine black leather upholstery, oak furniture with grey surfaces created a timeless interior that will not only wear well, but remain stylish for decades to come. Not only did we apply our bespoke NWCC upholstery to the rear bench, seating, but also factory front swivel seats!

Fitted as standard throughout all of our Verso conversions, a full Voltronic system is the powerhouse behind the scenes. It may not be the cheapest system on the market, but in our opinion it is undoubtedly of the best. A Voltronic VPC unit controls the system, coordinating power from the 180 Watt solar to the Voltronic 3244 battery charger and Green Power leisure battery.
Moving to the exterior of the vehicle, Mr O once again chose a classy yet utilitarian styling package. Supplied to us by ‘T5 Upgrades’, Evo Corse DakarZero wheels wrapped in BF Goodrich tyres made the perfect “drive anywhere” vehicle… especially when combined with the van’s 4motion traction-maintaining capabilities.

Other touches included gloss black grills and a Thule 2.6M black awning.

As lovers of all things automotive, it’s easy to get co fused in the noise between what we ‘want’, VS what we actually need. In this case however, we couldn’t think of a more perfect specification to suit Mr O & his family’s needs. Winter weekends spent at Bike Park Wales? No problem: plenty of space for bikes, and a Webasto diesel heater to keep you warm over lunch! Summer holiday in the French Alps? Easy… a fully Skinz lined interior and the superb 2.0TDI engine give SUV-style comfort and efficiency on long drives across Europe too.

As collection day approached, we snuck the opportunity to take some photos alongside Mike’s treasured T2 splitty: the perfect contrast of nearly 60 years in quality Volkswagen vehicles. Visit our social media pages to find more images of the two vehicles together!

We wish Mr O and his family many happy years of adventuring in their new Verso, and can’t wait to see pictures of this handsome 4motion off-piste in some mud!