Mr “P’s” Crafter Build

Mr “P’s” Crafter Build

I visited new wave as I had seen a few converted T6 and loved the quality. Once inside and having met Mike, Linzi and their team, I knew this was the place to transform my recently acquired Crafter.

I had a layout in mind with no bathroom, (I prefer the space, camp site bathrooms are so 5 star these days) bunks and a rib. Kitchen, office and a surf board garage. Space for a little chemical pan for middle of the night. Like I have in my old 1990 T25. T5 and T6.

My job involves traveling the whole Uk sometimes away from home 3 or 4 nights and Im not fond of travelodging. With a bit of planning I use campsites and they’re mostly first class. The boards being in the garage means I always have one with with me for when I’m coastal and it’s just right, and I can take a couple hours off work and get wet. Having camped my whole life I find the transporters a little too small when camping with your kids and the weather’s average. I have a T5 and T6 with pop tops, great when conditions are perfect and the outside awning space gives you room. When it rains, space is tight.

The idea with this crafter was firstly my mobile office / digs, when at work, with stealth surf, when opportunity knocks, and to have a camper with space like a motorhome when doing family holidays. Any weather.
Mike and his team bagged it cos that’s what this van gives you. We love it. If anyone would like a trip in it, I now let my collection of camper vans and this new crafter is available, when I’m not using it.

Big thanks to Mike, Linzi and the boys.