Mr W Verso Build

Mr W Verso Build

A huge thanks to the “W” family for choosing NWCC to build their lifelong dream, which was to own their own getaway family camper.

Another Verso demonstrating how this vehicle is a versatile every day run around, but offering so much more, allowing the owners to escape whenever they feel free to do so and enjoy their investment and create lifelong memories.

Mrs W will be using this brand new T6.1 every day to and from the office so this Verso must double up as a daily commute vehicle plus providing the W family with accommodation on those European holidays.

This Verso build was tweaked slightly to reduce the price down “swapping out the Reimo VTEC and lithium battery to the Reimo super flat and AGM battery” providing a £2000 saving, allowing the W family more capital to spend on neat accessories like, the Webasto Diesel heater providing them with all year-round usage and no excuses not to enjoy even the coldest winter getaway.

A Dometic wind out awning for those quick overnight stays creating that outdoor space to enjoy those peaceful settings and outstanding coastal views, and those Caravelle Business class alloys in keeping with that subtle classy OE look.

The interior selection with team NWCC Is endless but Mr and Mrs W decided to keep things very classy, neutral and timeless to create an interior they would never get bored of loving.

We hope this flexible Verso T6.1 provides the W family with excitement and priceless memories for years to come.

Thank you from all the NWCC team.