NWCC Verso Conversion

NWCC Verso Conversion

Furniture board-Anthracite fine line metallic H13190 ST19
Splash Back- Yellow
Corian- Sanded Stratus
Leather-Upholstery Black leather, Rainbow top stitch with 1NW Debossing

When we say anything is possible with Verso… we really mean it!

Those returning to the NWCC blog will note our last Verso to feature (Mr O’s) is certainly a stark contrast to today’s entry. Yet this is the beauty of our signature conversion, each and every build is individual: a vehicle created bespoke for each person to perfectly compliment their lifestyle.

In this case, the recently retired Mr & Mrs J wanted a vehicle that could tour the Brecon Beacons, but also Italian countryside too.

“I’m not a fan of plain colours” says Mrs J during our first consultation, “we first looked at the second hand market but were faced with a sea of boring interiors”.

Jokingly, Mike suggests that we colour coordinate the interior backsplash to match Mr J’s jumper: a high-roll turtleneck in a shade deep Lemon yellow. Without pause, they both reply “Well what a fantastic idea that would be!”, and thus the build began to take shape.

Wanting to push the boundaries of possibility with the upholstery on this T6.1, countless hours were spent engineering a new design: Rainbow double hex.

Six individual lines of stitching, each using our signature rainbow top stitch, upholstered in an OEM+ Audi RS-style hexagonal pattern.

Simply put, this design was utterly breath-taking!

Mr & Mrs J opted for a Storm Poptop on their new vehicle, for whom we are a certified U.K. installer. A British brand, Storm manufacture all of their roofs in the heart of Bristol and are industry renowned for their quality craftsmanship. We think the Storm system is absolutely fantastic, so fitting them onto our Verso builds is always a pleasure.

Of course, behind the scenes a Votronic 5747 VPC head unit controls the vehicle. When building our Verso’s, only the best products on the market will do. The Votronic system ensures power generated from the 180 watt solar panel is able work in conjunction with the Votronic 3244 battery charger, and charge Green Power leisure battery. This in turn can then power the onboard Dometic appliances, allowing for off-grid adventures all year round!

Finishing touches on this build included Anthracite fine line panelling, and Corian Sanded Stratus work surfaces (with a bespoke etched chopping board to match).

Being present at the delivery of this vehicle, it was clear to see that Mr & Mrs J we’re over the moon with their new vehicle, with a summer tour of Lake Como booked for June 2024!