Panel to Kombi

Panel to Kombi

Another Write up from the Clients perspective.

With a variety of jobs that take me away from home to events and festivals; and a desire to spend more weekends away; I wanted a versatile vehicle that would allow me to use it as an everyday runaround; mobile office and overnight sleeper, without losing the ability to carry passengers & cargo space.
Most importantly, I wanted to ensure that anything I did to the vehicle added value so it was imperative that the work would be top quality. Being new to the world of van ownership and conversions, I was bewildered by the amount of companies & options available; however as soon as a friend showed me New Wave’s conversion photos, I could see that the quality of their work made them the only choice for me.

I contacted New Wave to enquire about a stripped-down version of their Sports Multipurpose conversion and quickly came to a decision on the work to be done as they provided info on a similar job that had been done recently. Mike and Linzi were great helping me weigh up the various options where I had been undecided.
I had read New Wave were busy so a build date would usually be a few months away at minimum – luckily  I was able to get in due to a build delay and within a month I had visited for final consultation and dropped off the van for conversion!
The work has been even better than I hoped; I am absolutely thrilled with the final result and can’t wait to start using it for work and adventures.

A massive thank you to Mike, Linzi and the team (and Bentley!)

A huge thank you to Nicko for you’re kind words, It was a pleasure to build you a versatile vehicle that ticks all the boxes that you require, We hope you have many years enjoyment out of your T6.