Mr P’s Sportline Black Edition

Mr P’s Sportline Black Edition

From the ourset of our first consultation with Mr P, it was clear that he was a man with not only fantastic taste, but an incredibly busy lifestyle. Being an entrepreneur and multiple business owner, we knew that his next vehicle should allow unrivalled flexibility; a family lifestyle, the ability to carry potential clients and double as work space ‘on the go’.

Pushing the boundaries of comfort and luxury coach-building, the factory Sportline specification was simply not enough for Mr P. After patiently waiting for a New Wave build slot, we set about creating the ULTIMATE work and family vehicle.

Our first task was tackling the vehicle’s interior. Removing the original factory Kombi 2+1 seating, we opted to increase the vehicle’s flexibility with a complete OEM caravelle conversion. Building upon the excellent groundwork already created by Volkswagen, we tasked our in-house upholstery team with a complete overhaul of the interior seating. The finished results speak for themselves; perforated fine black nappa leather with an Audi RS red hex-stitch have been incorporated throughout. We also tasked our trusted designer Carl at Think86 with producing custom ‘Sportline Black Edition’ branding, which has been embossed into the the individual seats.

In the front cabin area, we sourced and retrofitted a Golf R steering wheel. This was then retrimmed with a matching red & grey top stitch, as well as the gear gator. Of course, we ensured the F1 paddle shift on the Golf R steering was was coded to the vehicle, giving full DSG functionality. We’re sure you’ll agree; this looks fantastic paired with the factory digital dash.  Next up were the A+B pillars; retrimmed in black alcantara, blending seamlessly with the previously-grey interior plastics, touch surfaces and trims. These were removed and refinished in satin black by the talented team at Motion Factory.

Turning our attention to the onboard entertainment, we then installed a full Audison sound system into Mr P’s T6.1. This setup included 6” primers in the doors, 1” tweeters in the pillars and 4” co-axis speakers in the rear, mounted with with bespoke CNC’d ply speaker pods. For those wishing to upgrade their own vehicle with a NWCC touch, our Speaker Pods are available to purchase via our online store.

Behind the scenes, a Votronic 5747 VPC head unit controls the vehicle. As with everything we produce, only the best products on the market will do. Increasing the vehicle’s versatility, we opted to install a secondary Webasto diesel heating system. This allows the vehicle to stay warm in the coolest of climates, with the ability to return from long walks in the countryside to a warm pre-heated van. To ensure the standalone systems never lack in power, a further secondary Duracell leisure battery powers the leisure battery and ancillaries, run through a Votronic 3244 battery charger. Not only does this power the USB, USBC and 3 pin 12v sockets that have been fitted to the rear cabin, but also an OEM Caravelle hot and cold box. We installed this only on a factory sliding rail system, can be placed behind the rear seating or moved throughout the rear cabin.

The headliner is our usual signature ‘floating’ install, featuring a dimmable LED halo and spotlights, CNC’d flush to create a seamless blend into the surrounding alcantara.

The standard T6.1 Sportline is a stunning vehicle from the factory, so only subtle modifications were made to Mr P’s build. 20” staggered Judd alloys and lowering the ride height with Eibach adjustable coilovers were the only required changes on this incredible build.

We truly hope that Mr P enjoys his new T6.1 Sportline Black edition, and has many happy miles of family & business adventures!