T6.1 Verso Conversion LWB

T6.1 Verso Conversion LWB

The T6.1 LWB Verso for the M family

An exciting first for the M family, never owning a Volkswagen camper before the young active family wanted to create a family friendly camper for their 3-year-old son George to enjoy and help him create unforgettable memories.

This huge spec T6.1 204 Manual Highline started life as a simple panel van with a dual passenger bench and a bulkhead.
This build was a challenge for the NWCC team as the Verso was originally designed around the SWB chassis so some tweaks and modifications needed to be invested into the build.
Designed and built to perfection, team NWCC now feels it has an option for those who want that little more space with the LWB option with exactly 400mm more worktop space, storage, floor and boot space.

The colours again quite neutral and timeless with this build even sticking with the Savile grey leather and grey Alcantara on those extremely plush Porsche front seats, supplied by the customer but painted and trimmed by team NWCC.
A true asset to this interior the seats don’t only look amazing but sits so comfortably and operate so smooth with electric back adjustment as supportive bolsters and wings.

The Verso T6.1 houses all our usual market leading hardware from Voltronic, Reimo, VW, Dometic, Thule, Altro, Martrim, Staron and Egger combined  with the NWCCs accuracy and unmatchable finish we feel the Verso is by far the best conversion on today’s market when matched pound for pound.

The M family are already out enjoying this family camper and keeping us updated with their travels and adventures with a long European holiday booked already in the van for next summer we hope we have provided the M family with the perfect all round adventure bus to create those priceless memories.