The all new Multi-purpose conversion build for 2019

The all new Multi-purpose conversion build for 2019

It was time to update and improve this 5 year old conversion optimising its storage and electrical hardware, creating more flexibility and functionality.
Build for Mr Hall the all new Multi-Purpose Conversion complete with CTEK and power management, powered via a lithium light weight battery supported by a 160W roof mounted solar panel.

Mr Hall spent a lot of time visiting converters all over the Multi-Purpose conversion and choose NWCC to create his dream vehicle, we are flattered daily that people place their trust in us to create they’re dream but at the same time we know we have to deliver time after time. Customer satisfaction is the forefront of our business and the day we can not deliver what our customers desires will be a sad day.

After the Initial consultation between mike and Mr hall we knew Mr Hall was confident entrusting his brand new vehicle to team NWCC, After a workshop tour and viewing vehicles in build we then spent sometime in the consultation room deciding on all the options, upgrade and sample options.

Mr Hall left NWCC that day with a smile on his face feeling relaxed that he had chosen the right company to deliver his interior, Collection day was quickly upon us after a 15 day build Mr Hall was collected from the train station after a 6 hour Journey to NWCC and his vehicle was revealed to him, This time with even bigger smiles and more hand shakes, “This to me makes all the stress and anxiety of running a business worth it and means more to me than any currency” (Mike).

We hope potential clients like Mr Hall’s Interior choices and appreciate the time spent to create this spacious practical interior.