The Barkers Custom Conversion

The Barkers Custom Conversion

Mr Barker, A huge windsurfing enthusiast contacted NWCC back in June, To discuss a possible vehicle upgrade from his 180,000 LWB T5 into a brand new T6 which would need a long list of modifications and upgrades to allow him versatile storage for his wind surfing equipment.

After Mike and Steve had several conversations via email on base vehicles the order was then placed for a new T6 LWB High-line Kombi and the wait began it was now over to the Germans to deliver the vehicle.
Several months past and the High-line arrived ready for its huge transformation, a lot of the design was already in place with the list of works just needed some finer detail which was all discussed on drop off.

Internally we started at the NWCC full lining package and sound kill options including a very plush Alcantara headliner complete with perimeter travel lighting.
The whole rear of the vehicle was dedicated to the masts, boards, fins etc with enough room left for a comfortably sized sleeping platform for those longer surf trips, The whole system was built using specialist anodised aluminium profile which was then fabricated and made to measure to suit Steve’s requirement double checking all his equipment fitted neatly and securely.
Steve requested us to design 1600mm pull out draw 120mm deep to neatly house his fins and tools needed to assemble the surf equipment, this was a task in its self we must admit but after sourcing the necessary draw runners the project operated perfectly.

Steve the avid music enthusiast opted for the Audiosn upgrades including the AP8-AP1 front speaker combination, 100mm Prima Coax rear speakers housed in the exclusive NWCC speaker pods all powered from he 4.9 digital processing amplifier and to add a little more punch a neat little stow away sub and mono amp to deliver plenty of low frequency base.

Moving to the outside, The simple but very aggressive looking JUD staggered wheel and tyre package combined with he Bilstein B14 suspension
and H&R anti-roll bars, Sport-line front and rear spoiler followed by 30 hours of paint correction and GTECHNIQ ceramic coating applications.

Steve took full advantage of the NWCC in house trim shop opting for full Nappa smooth leather in the first and second row adding a touch of high quality feel but at the same time adding a barrier for those wet days when coming out of the sea.

We hope the team met Steve expectations and their custom designed vehicle meets all of Steve’s demands.