Mr Bishop had his heart set on a few variants upon our standard VERSO conversion with the Wallis Duo being a must, for several reasons combining space saving, money saving and time saving.

The Wallis DUO enabling the vehicle to house one fuel source enabling the cooking facilities and heat source all to come from the vehicles Diesel tank so no need for internal or under chassis LPG /gas bottles, no need for the very popular Eberspacher Diesel heater as the Wallis offers a very innovative heating solution.

For anyone even slightly interested in this neat little unit I would defiantly recommend taking the time to read up on it and research in depth as we are very impressed by its performance, functionality and excellent build quality.

Check it out here!

Throughout this build Mr Bishop was very clear on what finishes he required with the HPL laminate range offering so many versatile finishes for the furniture board we understand it can take quite some time deciding what works best with the Altro flooring, HIMACS solid work surfaces, seating and Headliner. Here at Newwave we do our upmost to offer a vast selection of colours and finishes to each area of the conversions so each customer can make it they’re own.

Moving around the build a few little extra added in for example the Reimo VTEC open sky Elevating roof, 140 watt solar panel, Reimo active rails combined with hugely popular Thule wing bars,

We hope Mr Bishop and his family have many adventures in this great Verso and make use of the great hardware upgrades they were decided on before arriving at Newwave.