The Butler’s VW T5 Traditional ‘Lux’ Camper Conversion

The Butler’s VW T5 Traditional ‘Lux’ Camper Conversion

With the Cornish sea air just a stone throw away from their daily lives the Butlers’ have the perfect surroundings to make full potential of their brand new VW conversion. Not only do they have the best surroundings to escape locally on the weekends they now have the perfect converted vehicle for holidaying further afield.

The Butler’s specification of Traditional Lux camper conversion has been enhanced with the luxurious colouring of the AutoLux Spruce Green Leather. The bold coloured leather contrasts well against the oem plastics within the VW T5 transporter.

The warm tones of the Avola Brown-Grey cabinetry combined with the natural colouring within the Staron Pebble Grey worktop and Imperial-Figura flooring perfectly finish the interior of this vehicle.

Purchasing their base vehicle from the highlands in Scotland the van itself had been subject to some severe weathering due to its original location and now the Cornish costal weather. This resulted in that as apart of the conversion process the installation of both a complete new exhaust, front & rear silencer as well as replacement front & rear brake pads and discs was completed.

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