The Campbell Build

The Campbell Build

The VERSO Conversion has not been an extremely popular conversion for us in comparison to the Traditional LUX but it is increasingly being requested by our clients.

Team NWCC felt it was time to improve this design, Trying to improve the bed extension design aiming to create a more user friendly and compact system, The Verso makes use of the California seat combined with a lightweight frame in the boot space to make the bed lay at 1900mm in length, The Verso is one of our most versatile conversions we offer. The flexibility of being able to slide the seat and lock in any position of the vehicle is a must for some of our customers.
I personally had been thinking about this bed extension for months prior and knew we needed something that would fold up and store away neatly and compact allowing that boot space to be used more effectively.

The Campbell’s were amazing with us and left the design and concepts to us completely trusting us and our experience.
This build was again a big one with a lot of options upgrades boxes being ticked, solar power, leather upgrade, Webasto heater, Reimo active rails, Thule wing bars, under chassis 20L GAS IT Tank, etc etc. It still amazes me to this day how our customers install complete trust into us delivering new vehicles and letting complete a long list of detailed works for them.

The Campbell’s spent a long time selecting samples and colour options requesting a vary of samples from our suppliers spending time at home placing samples together trying to create the dream interior, This all went down pan after the consultation a NWCC one month before the build after 2 hours spent with Mike and the samples display the Campbell’s decided on something completely different to what they initially thought they would of wanted creating a timeless and very natural interior which we hope will continue to keep them smiling for years to come.

The Campbell’s were an absolute pleasure to deal with from start to finish ans we hope we get to see them again and hear about they’re annual travels.