The Crocker’s VWT6 TRIO Camper Conversion

The Crocker’s VWT6 TRIO Camper Conversion

Taking the time to visit NWCC late last year to discuss what base vehicle would best suit their requirements, the Crocker’s placed the order for their brand new VWT6 with the VW Sinclair dealership in Cardiff. Having debated between the Traditional Lux & TRIO conversions it was decided that the TRIO build was best suited to the needs and lifestyle of this family. The TRIO Camper conversion has been designed to accomodate the installation of a slimline RIB 129cm Seat/Bed system. This allows three persons to travel within the rear of the vehicle as apposed to only two persons within our other Traditional style builds.

The Crocker’s were extremely keen on the upholstery demonstrated within NWCC’s 2015 Traditional Lux Blackberry Demonstration vehicle, therefore opted for the same Bentley Damson leather however incorporated a deep blue contrasting topstitch to coincide with the base colour of their VW T6. Customising the build to suit their taste the Crocker’s opted for the extremely popular Driftwood furniture board which we all feel looks superb contrasting with the upholstery & Aspen Pepper Staron Soild-Surface worktop and draw front.

Team NWCC are always wanting to better our final product, offering our clients practicality and simplicity. We therefore decided to introduce the SARGENT EC155/EC51 Power Kit into this build; The EC155 is a compact 155W power supply unit and charger. This build also incorporates the brand new WAECO Coolmatic CRX 50; This Fridge still has all the outstanding features of the original, standard model but with the added bonus of a completely versatile configuration in the form of a removable freezer compartment, meaning that you can adapt and use your Waeco CRX50 to suit your needs whenever and wherever you need it. As a result, the Waeco CRX50 Compressor Fridge can be used as a conventional fridge/freezer, full fridge or full freezer.

The Waeco Compressor fridge CRX50 the features: New soft touch control panel / Intelligent electronic control of the compressor speed – up to 25% less energy consumption / 5 different temperature settings / Bright led interior light with infrared sensor / Large bottle holder / Door tray and Salad bin.

This build is a perfect example of the next generation of conversions to come from us here at NWCC!